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Elon musk

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Elon musk

  1. 1. Past, current, where he is going?
  2. 2.  Zip2  Yellowpage-ish type of thing  Paypal  Payment
  3. 3.  Energy  Car  Space  Train  ? a lotus submarine car
  4. 4.  Common theme in his projects  This is the wrong way of doing things  create my way  What? You said it can’t be done?  I will show you how. This is my way.  There is no problem to solve?  I will find one, if not I will create one.  He is Dream-less. This is the most fascinating thing about him.  My guess:  An invisible cloak  A very fast and cool looking flying car that can work under the water  Wireless power grid that juices up our gadgets no matter where you are  Put your conscious mind in a group of mice and send them to mars. You have to pay for the trip though.
  5. 5.  Jobs has a philosophy  Stay hungry  Is this another way to achieve the Zen-like emptiness ?  Bezos has a business plan  It just works  Musk has a set of elementary school science fair projects  It can be done  Land on mars? Of course!  Land on mars and come back? Sure, half a million dollars please.  All eggs in one basket? Why not? As long as I control what happens in the basket.  Die on mars? That will be awesome as long as not on impact.  A 100,000$ toy? Sure, and it happens to be very fast if you know what I am talking about.


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