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How evo used data-driven personalization to acquire more traffic and retain more customers



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Retail and eCommerce marketing has quickly evolved to be a data-driven field. Top retailers are consolidating, analyzing, and leveraging data from multiple sources to power personalized, targeted, and highly engaging marketing campaigns. Nathan Decker from, a popular online retailer of action sports gear and fashion apparel, will join the stage with Andrew Pearson from Windsor Circle to discuss how in a short 4 years they've been able to drive higher customer retention by integrating purchase history, product catalog, customer profile, census data, traffic acquisition source, on-site browse search behavior, cart abandonment, email engagement, and more. Since retailers are now able to automatically deliver relevant content at the optimal time in the customer lifecycle, Windsor Circle is seeing clients consistently drive 50-80% open rates and 5-25% click rates from such data-driven campaigns. In this 45-minute session, Nate and Andrew will reveal best practices, common pit-falls, and a planning methodology to prioritize content and campaign development based on the most important retention metrics.

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How evo used data-driven personalization to acquire more traffic and retain more customers

  1. 1. Nathan Decker Ecommerce Manager Evolucion Innovations
  2. 2. Seattle | Portland |
  3. 3. Stocks a Wide Variety of Brands
  4. 4. Andrew Pearson Windsor Circle VP of Marketing @arjpearson @windsorcircle
  5. 5. Repeat buyers = 8% of site visitors, but 41% of revenue Source: Adobe Loyal Shopper’s Report April 2013 Source: Adobe Loyal Shopper’s Report April 2013
  6. 6. Enterprise Data Feeds: Data updated continuously into custom fields or relational tables in your email software and more Guaranteed eCommerce-to-ESP Integrations: and more
  7. 7. Our Agenda Acquire Engage Retain
  8. 8. Old School Marketing: A 1st Time Buyer’s Path Customer makes 1st purchase Receives a welcome email Receives mass- marketing emails Never makes a 2nd purchase, & unsubscribes Social PLADirectPaidOrganic Store Email Sign-Up Welcome #1 Welcome #2 Welcome #3 Email Sign Up Welcome Program
  9. 9. Joe – Win him back! Welcome email Brand recommendation 1 15 5 Post purchase thank you Product Education Series67 Product Recommendation135 Best customer email (sent after trigger) 215 40 2nd purchase $560 – Ski Boots 80 3rd purchase $50 - Socks 140 4th purchase $240 - Jacket 0 1st purchase $75 Goggles Days No purchases Welcome email1 5 Post purchase thank you Product recommendation10 Brand recommendation25 Win-back email 1 Win-back email 2 Win-back email 3 80 92 125 135 2nd purchase $120 - Jacket Days 0 1st purchase $240 – Jacket, Gloves Sally – Recommend & Reward! How Data Can Drive Personalized Lifecycle Marketing Survey110
  10. 10. Utilizing Purchase History to Retain Customers & Lift Revenue 58% 25% Open Rates Click Rates
  11. 11. 1. Guide to Trying on Your Boots Email subject: Ski Boot Guide – Part 1 Open rate: 67.8% Click rate: 38% Why this works: Relevant Image Clear CTA
  12. 12. 2. How-to Video Email subject: Ski Boot Guide – Part 2 Open rate: 56% Click rate: 25% Clear header Strong image Simple text including link to information from Email 1 Clear CTA
  13. 13. 3. Ski Boot Guide – Part 3 Email Subject: Ski Boot Guide – Part 3 Open rate: 49% Click rate: 8% Mentions purchased product Use of engaging image Clear CTA Why this works:
  14. 14. How we do it
  15. 15. Data Drives Results 3.2 9.6 Times the Open Rates Times the Click Rates
  16. 16. 30 Precision Timing How evo Saw 3.2 Time the Opens & 9.6 Times the Clicks with Automated How-to Guides
  17. 17. Initialization Optimization Retention Automation Win by: • Volume • Content • Data Key Metrics: • List Size • Send Volume • Opens • Clicks • Conversions • Engaged Subscribers • Churn Key Activities: • Build list • Send frequently • Frequent Sends • Content Creation • Dashboard and Reporting • Contact Strategy • RFM Analysis • Market Basket Analysis ESP Selection: • Cost • Better Feature Sets • Cost • Integration • Segmentation • Automation Segmentation: • None • Available but Limited • Advanced • Purchase history • Web history Automation: • None • None • Post Purchase Welcome Series • Win Back Campaigns • Cross Merchandizing • Reviews The 3 Stages of Email Marketing
  18. 18. Welcome #1 Welcome #2 Welcome #3 Purchase Post Purchase Post Purchase #2 Post Purchase #3 Marketing Calendar From Welcome to Purchase 1 to Purchase 2 Non Purchasers Category Brand Affinity Regional Segmented Promotions: Brand Recommendation Contest Review Request Social Comms
  19. 19. RFM Segments RFM R1M1F1: Best Customers RxFxM1: Big Spenders R1F4M1: New Spenders Win Back #1 Win Back #2 Win Back #3 R4F1M1: Churning Customers Purchase RFMPurchase Marketing Calendar Automatic Segmenting by Customer Score
  20. 20. Understanding Customer Latency – Average Latency (All Customers) 2011: 153 Days 2012: 174 Days 2013: 194 Days Median Latency 2011/12 Season All customer: 25 days Best customers: 33 days 2012/13 Season All customer: 25 days Best customers: 20 days 2013/14 Season All customer: 30 days Best customers: 46 days
  22. 22. Contests: • Email acquisition • Brand loyalty • Co-marketing
  23. 23. Social Media: • Highlight “evoCollective” • Core Values • Culture
  24. 24. evoCollective spotlights include gear affinity
  25. 25. APPENDIX
  26. 26. 44 Retention, Perfectly Brewed How CoffeeForLess makes $1MM+ a year from Data-Driven Lifecycle Emails
  27. 27. 45 Retention, Perfectly Brewed Working Person’s Store makes over $1MM a year by personalizing product recommendation emails Heavy Duty Personalization
  28. 28. 46 Smooth Segmentation SkinMedix sees over 50x ROI by segmenting weekly emails and automating customer retention
  29. 29. 47 MILLION DOLLAR CIRCLE Driving Real ROI from Retention Automation 50x ROI Congratulations to these 3 retailers making over $1MM a year from Retention Automation 66% 125% increase in opens increase in clicks 3x the opens
  30. 30. 48 Download the Case Studies Today
  31. 31. 49 How-To Guides

Editor's Notes

  • Source: Adobe Loyal Shopper’s Report April 2013

  • Events
    Almost every event benefits a charity.
    Monthly art galleries at our stores, usually featuring the artists of brand partners and sometimes including a repaint of the side of our building(s). Exhibit A, January:
    Exhibit B (this one coincided with a repaint of our South Wall in Seattle):
    We also regularly host education / Shopping / Social events targeting a variety of demographics; these aim to establish evo as a community “hub” of action sports in our region(s), to draw new customers/exposure and remain relevant to evo devotees. Often these focus on safety and awareness as well. Here are a few examples:
    Athletes and Team
    The evo collective is a team of athletes and other influencers that we partner with (ie sponsor) to promote not only evo and the sports we represent but our core values. We get amazing content from our collective and reach a very “core” audience. It’s a great way to invest in building the sports we represent and increasing our relevance:
    These are amazing, cultivated experiences where we host small groups to ski in exotic destinations. Though a limited few can go, it is an aspirational cornerstone weaved throughout our marketing mix. Some of the social media content we get from travelers who go is amazing.
  • The customer lifecycle for evo is similar to that of many online retailers. Before we set out to build a good email retention program, we sat down to map out our customer lifecycle. Here is what we found:

    First, we use six primary channels to get customers to We have a physical store in Seattle, and that does create a lot of cross-channel customers for us, so I included that too.

    Once we get the person on our website, we use a prominent email sign-up form on all pages of the site to entice them to sign up for our email program.

    When people sign up for email, they are enrolled in a welcome series for new subscribers. We’ve tested the welcome emails with and without coupons, and I will talk about the results of that more later on.

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