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Leweb Paris 2012; a visual overview in iPad sketchnotes



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An overview in visuals of the most important keynote speakers at Leweb 2012 Paris. These are live iPadsketches made while the speakers where on stage and tweeted and posted as soon as they where ready. Bundled in this overview to give ou a quick summary of LeWebs main stage during the 3 busy days of the conference.

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Leweb Paris 2012; a visual overview in iPad sketchnotes

  1. LeWeb Paris 2012 zaterdag 8 december 12
  2. Tony Fadell Nest. Tony Fadell tells us about why he thinks design and experience is important, especially for something like a thermostate. That market was overlooked completely. zaterdag 8 december 12
  3. Benjamin Cichy this is an inspiring story about the challenges and ideas around the NASA Mars lander and the questions that led to the missions. zaterdag 8 december 12
  4. Scott Harisson Charity:water a very powerfull story of how a young man decided he wanted to make a difference and invented a whole new model for charity to bring back trust and help as many people as possible to have clean water. Connected waterwells. zaterdag 8 december 12
  5. Misha Lyalin Zetalabs in a weird looking costume just to announce a new game on stage. Pudding Mosters. Designed and devloped just like 'cut the rope' to also be big in merchandise zaterdag 8 december 12
  6. Ben Gomes Google search is moving from 'strings' to 'things'. The connection between things, people and places makes it possible to form 'Topics' zaterdag 8 december 12
  7. Peter Deng Facebook has made the shift from web to mobile first and announces the new FB message app that can be used by everyone, even non FB users. zaterdag 8 december 12
  8. Marko Ahtisaari Nokia wants to design devices that has our heads up again. The Here cloud is one of the things they want to achieve this by. A digital version of the world. zaterdag 8 december 12
  9. Steven Guggenheimer Windows. If you want eyeballs you should go with windows 8 it is still the biggest platform with over 1500 devices. zaterdag 8 december 12
  10. Dr DJ Patil Ver inspiring of this Data scientist. We are becoming the internet of things. There is a lot of data and we should look to Datascientist 2.0 that also combine the human process to tell us what steps to take to empower us. zaterdag 8 december 12
  11. James Park Fitbit measures our steps, flights, and sleep cycles. It makes us more informed people. To make more informed decisions. zaterdag 8 december 12
  12. Danea Ringelmann Indigogo started as a dream to completely democratize fundraising. That is why unlike Kickstarter, it is open to all. zaterdag 8 december 12
  13. Brian Shul The former pilot of the fasted plane ever build, the Blackbird. Shows us a beautifull look into his view of the world flying that plane. "Follow your passion and dare to dream" zaterdag 8 december 12
  14. Ramon de Leon Dominos Pizza is happy to have Ramon who with unstoppable energy and 'get out there' mentality delivers #ramonwow all over the social plane. zaterdag 8 december 12
  15. The Brian Solis Altimeter group visionair talks about the human API. The real opportunity lies in connecting all of the breadcrumbs of data and change human behaviour. zaterdag 8 december 12