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Open Government: Taking Stock, Looking Forward



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Open Government: Taking Stock, Looking Forward -- Bringing Institutional Innovation to the Public Sector through Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration, Presented by Beth Simone Noveck

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Open Government: Taking Stock, Looking Forward

  1. Open Government: Taking Stock, Looking Forward Bringing Institutional Innovation to the Public Sector through Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration Beth Simone Noveck U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer & Director, White House Open Government Initiative
  2. Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government • First Executive Memorandum • Bringing change to Washington and breaking with 8 years of secrecy • Articulating 3 principles: transparency, participation, and collaboration • Transparency promotes accountability • Participation strengthens decisions • Collaboration enables others to help Jan. 21 Presidential Memorandum on Transparency & Open Government
  3. Early Milestones “The Obama administration is well on course to be the most open in modern times.” -The New York Times • Nation’s First Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer • White House Open Government Initiative to Drive & Coordinate • DOJ Issues Pro-Transparency Guidelines for Freedom of Info. Act • to enable Americans to track the Recovery • Open for Questions and New Media driven engagement • to bring more government information online • Open policymaking forums • • HHS Launches Competition for H1N1 PSA • White House announces unprecedented release of visitor logs
  4. Proliferating Opportunities for Open Policymaking Tapping the Intelligence and Expertise of the American People Open Government * Declassification * Cookies
  5. Next Steps in Open Government: Unleashing Innovation Across Government Open Government Policy Open Government in Service of National Priorities Open Government Platforms
  6. Next Steps in Open Government Policy Instilling a Culture of Openness and Transparency across Government Open Coordinate policy on transparency, Open Government participation and collaboration Policy Government Initiative Require policy, legal, and technology leadership in every agency to develop Open Government in Open Government Plans with public Service of National input Priorities Drive distributed culture change Open Government Platforms
  7. Open Government Directive • The thousands of ideas, blog posts and wiki entries have directly informed the crafting of an OMB Directive on Open Government • It will begin with an idea championed by the public during the brainstorm phase - instilling a culture of open government by requiring each agency’s leadership to develop its own Open Government plan • As called for by the public, those plans will be subject to public consultation and comment prior to drafting and subsequent to their implementation • The plans will require agencies to develop a schedule for publishing data online in raw, structured, machine-readable formats based on priorities and to undertake participation and collaboration initiatives • Establishes a comprehensive review of the Administration’s information policies • In short, the forthcoming Open Government Directive will represent another key milestone in the President’s ongoing strategy to bring change to Washington and innovation to government institutions
  8. Achieving National Priorities Improving everyday living through open ways of working Transparency Patent Office data transparency builds Open Government businesses Policy Participation Consumer Product Safety consumer Open Government in opinion forums; Redoing the Federal Service of National Register to enhance Priorities Collaboration Apps for America!; Apple iTunes U Open Government Supports Continuity of Learning Platforms
  9. Open Government Projects • Veteran Benefits: Veterans Administration challenges 19,000 employees to cut the backlog for Veteran’s benefits • Energy Independence: DoE supports 100 MPG X-Prize • National Security: Department of Defense launches Aristotle expert networking across the Department to connect scientists and technologists to solve problems • Healthcare: Department of Health and Human Services hosts first Code-A-Thon, bringing together open source developers to enhance and build upon CONNECT, a software gateway for nationwide health information • Entrepreneurship: connecting the public to one another
  10. Open Government Platforms Facilitate Open and Collaborative Ways of Working Open Policy Open Government Policy Government Process Platforms Technology Open Government in Facilitate the reuse of best practices Service of National through a platform for open Priorities government tools Open Government Platforms
  11. Open Government Platforms to Instill a Culture of Openness 1 Transition to open and collaborative ways of working. 2 Make it easy and cost-effective for any agency to implement open government priorities.
  12. IT Dashboard Building a Culture of Accountability • Launched June 30, 2009 • 30 million+ hits since launch • Measures performance against “on-time”, “on-budget”, and CIO evaluation • Builds on the success of Shinseki review halting 45 current projects Source: &
  13. Open Policymaking Brainstorming Discussion Drafting
  14. Why Open Government Matters: Connecting Institutions to Networks to Take Action and Solve Problems • Collaborative democracy at the center of the administration’s governing philosophy. • Institutional innovation to produce open ways of working. • Recognizing that government does not have all the answers and public officials need to draw on what citizens know. • Not to aggregate preferences but to divvy up roles and tasks and share in the hard work of governance together.
  15. Harvard “Group Brain Project”
  16. “I ran for President because I believe that we cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together.” –President Barack Obama, May 21, 2009 Source: ITIF Report “The Atlantic Century”, February, 2009
  17. What Can You Do to Design 21st Century Democracy?: We are Just at the Beginning! • Transparency: Identify 5 data sets where transparency will achieve an important policy objective in the same way that the Toxic Release Inventory encourages companies to reduce their use and emission of toxic chemicals voluntarily; Create a document management system that will decrease FOIA requests while increasing access to information. • Participation: Design the best open policymaking platform for effective rulemaking; design the best processes for open grantmaking. • Collaboration: Design an IT-based system for managing chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma that improves health outcomes while reducing costs by a third . Establish a prize for the best automated, online mentoring system to promote entrepreneurship.