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Using Social Media Strategically Engagement Ogilvy on: Travel and Social Media



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Using Social Media Strategically
Engagement Plan

By creating the right conversation criteria, we can use technology to collect and sort all of
the relevant conversations across blogs, forums, Twitter, social networks and review sites.
Our strategists apply insight and recommended action to every report

•!Influencer/Blogger Outreach & Engagement: From Blogger weekends to events to
brand experiences, we specialize in identify and engaging the most important new
influencers across social media

•!Content Creation and Distribution: From making brand content – video, images, text as
“share-worthy” and portable as possible to inviting consumers and customers to create
brand relevant content, we ensure all content has a positive impact on search results

•!Social Media-Scale: From content-driven advertising to social network applications and
grassroots action, we add scale and reach to the operations and impact of word of mouth
programs online and off.

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