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How to get your first million users



A guide to some of the best practices and tools for acquiring, activating and retaining users in a crowed world of ever increasing distraction and limited consumer attention. This was given by Sherif Makhlouf at Riseup Summit 2014 in Egypt. For full disclosure some of the slides are from Growth Hacking presentation by Mattan Griffel from Y Combinator.

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How to get your first million users

  1. By Sherif Makhlouf
  2. Sherif Makhlouf •Engineer by training & Management degree from Cornell University US •Management Consultant for many years in Boston, NY and SF •AUC Adjunct Professor of Digital Strategy •Experience in strategy consulting, digital management, online marketing and eCommerce. •He has led the start-up and operations of a number of successful digital and e- Commerce leaders including, and @makhloufsherif
  3. (But most of them stop using it after a few days) You run some ads, If your Lucky You get a writeup on Daily News, CairoScene or even TechCrunch and several thousand users
  4. Most startups find themselves facing the same problem They build a product that no one ends up using “businesses die because they don't have enough customers”
  5. Plateau You’re in the plateau, my friend
  6. So What Do you Do? Launch New Features….. That’s the worst thing you can do
  7. Welcome to GROWTH SCIENCE it is a set of tactics and best practices for dealing with user growth
  8. The magic is what happens in between
  9. The successful startup is the one that figures out how to move customers from one state to the next
  10. This is called the waterfall
  11. Copyright 2011 © Boost. All rights reserved © Boost LLC., 2014 Google Analytics »Started in 2005 »Used by 80% of the top 1,000,000 websites »It is Free to use
  12. Where are they coming from? How are they browsing?
  13. When are they online? It is up to you to figure out the Why? Users peek on weekdays between 4 pm and 11 pm S M T W Double peeks
  14. Always Set Goals
  15. Acquisition
  16. The Key To Acquisition In a world of abundant choice and scarce attention, advertizing has never been easier to ignore. we no longer have the luxury of a captive audience. Everything we do has to be remarkable, attention earning, and sharable.
  17. El Masry El Youm
  18. (Coming Soon!) Branding Content tools Magazines.
  19. Infographics
  20. McDonalds
  21. Canon Photo Ventuer
  22. Activation
  23. Don’t focus on acquisition if your activation rate is 1%
  24. To Increase Conversion Less Is More
  25. Introduce a sense of scarcity
  26. Or a sense of Urgency
  27. Try before you Buy
  28. For 2 years, the inventor of the shopping cart paid people to push his invention around stores...
  29. Very Clear Value Proposition
  30. Features Vs Benefit
  31. Sell the Hole NOT the Drill
  32. Everything should be tested Facebook did testing to determine that users blamed FB on left, iOS on right, for slowness of loading
  33. Retention
  34. In 1996 co-workers Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith They were afraid their boss might read their emails So they built a web-based email system
  35. They raised $300,000 from Investors but Hotmail’s launch was unimpressive But investor Timothy Draper had a better idea Their growth strategy was to buy billboards and radio ads
  36. Within hours, they started averaging 3,000 new users a day Within 6 months, they were up to 1 million users
  37. Thank You! Questions