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How to write lesson objectives

  1. 1. How to Write Lesson Objectives Carolyn E. Flores
  2. 2. Characteristics of Objectives (Mager, 1998) O It describes student performance. O It is about ends rather than means. O It describes the conditions under which performance occurs on the job. O It describes the standards of acceptable performance.
  3. 3. In short, an objective will describe the: O What the student should be able to do (performance) O The conditions under which the doing will occur (conditions) O The criteria by which the performance will be judged (acceptable performance)
  4. 4. Sample: O Given the tool kit and PC assembling manual, the students will be able to disassemble and assemble the contents of the system unit within 2 hours.
  5. 5. Standards and Competencies in the K to 12 Curriculum O Contains content and performance standards and competencies O Uses the standard-based instruction
  6. 6. Content Standards O Define what students should know and be able to do O Are benchmark which identify the expected understandings and skills for a content standard at different grade levels
  7. 7. Performance Standards O Describe how well students need to achieve in order to meet content standards O Are levels of proficiency which the students are expected to demonstrate what they know and what they are able to do
  8. 8. Competencies O Are specific tasks performed with mastery O Refer to ability to perform activities within an occupation or function to the standards expected by drawing from one’s knowledge skills, and attitudes
  9. 9. Sample: English (Oral Language) Grade 3
  10. 10. Content Standards The learner understands the standards of English in order to participate in various oral communication demands (situation , purpose and audience)
  11. 11. Performance Standard O The learner has sufficient facility in English to inderstand spoken discourse and to talk and interact with others about personal experiences and text listened to or read
  12. 12. Competencies O Listens and interacts with others in a group or class discussion O Listens and responds to texts, recall the main ideas, and relates them to personal experiences O Converses, asks questions, and talks about events and personal experiences in a group O Tell stories, recite sor reads aloud informally or for audience

Editor's Notes

  • It does not say about what the instructor will do or try to accomplish nor it describe the course content or the textbook.
    It describes the product of instruction rather than the process of instruction. It describes what the students will be able to do when they are competent, rather than describing how they be made competent.
    Ex. Tools, equipment, environment, and circumstances that will influence performance.
    It tells how well someone must perform before being considered competent on that objective.
  • The K to 12 Program covers kindergarten and 12 years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School ) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.
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