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Email Marketing 101: The Welcome Email



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Your welcome email (or lack thereof) sets the tone for the email marketing relationship you have with your subscribers—make sure it's sending the right message!

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Email Marketing 101: The Welcome Email

  1. The Welcome Email Email Marketing 101
  2. WelcomeAboard If you don’t send a welcome email...
  3. WelcomeAboard …it’s kind of like starting a conversation with a stranger, without ever saying hello!
  4. WelcomeAboard what is a welcome email?
  5. WelcomeAboard A welcome email is an opportunity to… Introduce your brand Invite users to engage with you further Share tips/guida nce on using your product
  6. WelcomeAboard A welcome email is not...
  7. WelcomeAboard …a confirmation email. Though they are easily confused, a confirmation email is meant to confirm subscription to a list and ensure you’re sending to recipients who have opted in. Your confirmation email should include one simple call to action (CTA).
  8. WelcomeAboard WHY SHOULD I SEND a welcome email?
  9. WelcomeAboard A welcome email is your chance to convince customers they are in the right place!
  10. WelcomeAboard Aristotle was a big fan of welcome emails—they follow his three modes of persuasion. Your best bet is to appeal to your customer’s logos, pathos, and ethos...
  11. WelcomeAboard Logos Ethos PAthos (logic/reasoning) (credibility/trust) (emotion)
  12. WelcomeAboard Logos (logic/reasoning) WHY? Ease any onboarding concerns or friction and encourage users to continue using your product/service..
  13. WelcomeAboard Logos (logic/reasoning) HOW? Link to a FAQ or an onboarding video.
  14. WelcomeAboard EThos (credibility/trust) WHY? Introduce your product/service, reinforce your brand, establish credibility, and let your subscribers know their inbox is safe with you.
  15. WelcomeAboard ETHOS (credibility/trust) HOW? Include a customer quote, well-known customer logos, and use strong branding.
  16. WelcomeAboard PATHOS (emotion) WHY? Thank them for signing up and remind them they are valued, leave them with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
  17. WelcomeAboard PATHOS (emotion) HOW? Show gratitude (and personality!) and invite your subscribers to engage with your community by linking to your social media channels.
  18. WelcomeAboard Series tip You could also provide additional messaging that… • Highlights key features of your offering • Provides suggested resources • Encourages users to upgrade • Reminds them to set up email preferences Why You Need a Preference Center
  19. WelcomeAboard WHEN SHOULD I SEND a welcome email?
  20. WelcomeAboard You should send immediately after sign- up, and then if it’s a series, over the next few days and weeks.
  21. WelcomeAboard Series TIP: Most businesses can look at their data to determine when users begin to churn or remain inactive. Plan your series accordingly!
  22. WelcomeAboard Examples
  23. WelcomeAboard Email Example
  24. WelcomeAboard Email #1 Thank them for signing up and welcome them to the community Share an onboarding video and an FAQ link Invite users to follow you on your social channels Email #2 Email #3 Series Example
  25. WelcomeAboard For more welcome email inspiration, check out our blog post: Email Marketing We’re Geeking Out About
  26. Learn More About Sending Your Marketing Email With SendGrid Happy Sending!