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Zemanta: The Content Ad DSP



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With both the rise of content marketing and the decline in value of banners ads, marketers are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to attract and engage with users.

Content Ads (a form of native ads which users content as the ad itself) now offer marketers the means to promote their marketing content in a way that users will see, respond to and ultimately engage. Zemanta offers a platform that allows advertisers to programmatically create and manage content ad campaigns.

Zemanta's content ad platform allows marketers to organize their content, format the content dynamically for content ads, promote across the range of content ad networks and exchanges, automatically optimize and report across the entirety of their campaigns.

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Zemanta: The Content Ad DSP

  1. 1. Content Ads, Amplified Your Content Ad DSP for the Next Evolution of Online Advertising
  2. 2. Today’s reality of online display ads
  3. 3. The nature of digital advertising today is fundamentally shifting as banner ads no longer deliver 99% of banner ads are ignored Banner ads have lost their luster
  4. 4. Let’s face it … people have never even wanted “ads” (especially online display ads) People spend time online to … connect with others (social networking) … get something done (work or shop) … be entertained or informed (view content) They are not online to look at intrusive advertising! Source: Pew & Nielsen
  5. 5. Consumers’ attention is on content… and quality, engaging content at that
  6. 6. Imagine being able to put your ad right here with the content where users will see & engage with it
  8. 8. Content Ads (n): An ad which delivers marketing content in a related environment • Ads are served next to relevant, high-quality content on/across networks of websites • Delivers a pull strategy approach: non-interruptive and value-enhancing, driving greater engagement
  9. 9. Content Ads work across platforms … … and deliver results Source: “Benchmarking the effectiveness of native ads” study by IPG Media Lab May 2013 52% more views on Content vs. Banner Ads 18% Higher Purchase Intent with Content Ads
  10. 10. You may be buying content ads today ...
  11. 11. …but likely not at scale Missing on the opportunity to drive maximum reach, impact, and ROI of your content.
  12. 12. Why not? Because managing & scaling content ads takes experience, skill and effort …
  13. 13. Zemanta helps make sense of the chaos ORGANIZE FORMAT PROMOT E OPTIMIZE REPORT
  14. 14. Zemanta helps make sense of the chaos ORGANIZE FORMAT PROMOT E OPTIMIZE REPORT
  15. 15. Get MORE from your Content Ads Partner with Zemanta DSP for maximum impact and ROI
  16. 16. We aggregate and index your marketing content for ease in conducting and managing larger scale campaigns ORGANIZE
  17. 17. We format and re-assemble your content into different ad types for all supply channels Examples of content ad formats • Promoted recommendations • Sponsored headlines (stream ads) • Sponsored content/articles/posts • In-text FORMAT
  18. 18. We distribute your content across our broad platform of partners to deliver maximum reach, programmatically PROMOTE
  19. 19. We optimize content strategy for maximum engagement and ROI: • Contextual placement • Audience selection • Performance of ad format(s) • Pricing and CPC OPTIMIZE
  20. 20. We centralize reporting from all supply sources into one easy to manage dashboard REPORT
  21. 21. Offering Zemanta DSP is a fully managed service We charge a percentage fee based on your total media spend • 100% Full Media Cost Transparency • No Arbitrage • Fully aligned to deliver optimal performance for our clients • Dedicated Campaign Team
  22. 22. Our platform delivers MORE for your content ads Access across the top discovery platforms Fully Managed Process OptimizationReporting, Insights and Analytics MORE REACH MORE INSIGHTS MORE IMPACT MORE EFFICIENTLY
  23. 23. Happy Clients
  24. 24. 24 “Zemanta has been an excellent partner that has allowed us to not just bring in an audience at scale, but actually move the needle on our clients’ business goals. I absolutely see them as an essential partner going forward in any of our content marketing efforts.” --Alec Painter, Associate Director, Content Marketing EmpowerMM
  25. 25. Maximum Reach. Optimized for Engagement. Superior Results. Content Ads, Amplified Get MORE from your content ads
  26. 26. Greg Gortz VP Sales As seen in: Founded in 2007 Union Square Ventures Backed 40 Employees in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Europe

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