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This slideshare is a project assigned to me in my Social Media Management class at UF. The slideshare consists of Zappo's social media strategy.


  1. 1. ZAPPOS S A R A H TA R U S 1 0 / 0 8 / 1 7
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS  Executive Summary – slide 3  Social Media Audit – slide 4 a.) Social Media Assessment – slide 4 b.) Web Traffic Sources Assessment – slide 5 c.) Audience Demographics Assessment – slide 6 d.) Competitor Assessment – slide 7  Social Media Objectives – slide 8  Online Brand Persona and Voice – slide 10  Strategies and Tools – slide 12  Timing and Key Dates – slide 14  Social Media Rules and Responsibilities – slide 15  Social Media Policy - slide 16  Critical Response Plan – slide 17  Measurements and Reporting Results
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  Our primary social media priorities for 2017 will be to boost our sales and brand recognition by expanding consumer engagement on our social media networks.  Two major social strategies will support this objective: 1.) Post more content that focus on current promotions at our local store that will drive followers to shop 2.) Engage and reply to our audience through social media on a daily basis
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT • The following is an audit of Zappos’s social media presence to date. It includes an assessment of all social networks, web traffic, audience demographics, and a competitor analysis. Social Media Assessment Date as of October 8th, 2017 Social Network URL Follower Count Avg. Weekly Activity Engagement Rate Twitter m/Zappos 2.83M 23 posts per week 1.5% Facebook https://www.face os/ 2,245,899 6 posts per week 2% Instagram https://www.inst pos/?hl=en 97.5k 5 posts per week 1% LinkedIn any/14951/ 65,125 1 post per week 0% Social Media Assessment: Although Zappo’s posts on Twitter more, the highest number of interactions occurs on Facebook. LinkedIn receives little to no interaction. It is the least frequently used channel.
  5. 5. WEBSITE TRAFFIC SOURCES ASSESSMENT Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 8,700 unique views 4% 2.7% Facebook 35,800 unique views 20% 4.6% Instagram 6,450 unique views 11% 3.1% LinkedIn 1,020 2% .5% Timeframe: Monthly average, July 2017 - October 2017 Traffic Summary: Facebook is the main driver of audience traffic for Zappo’s with 20% of traffic coming from this social media channel. Facebook is also responsible for the highest conversion rate when compared to our other social media channels. Although Instagram has less unique views compared to Twitter, Instagram takes second place in conversion rates. Our company believes that people are interested in visual content of our products. The more people visualize our products, instead of reading about them through tweets or other text posts, the more they are willing to make a purchase.
  6. 6. AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS ASSESSMENT Age Distribution Gender Distribution Primary Social Network Primary Need 65% 18-35 20% 36-50 5% 51-60 5% 60+ 60% female 40% male 50% facebook 40% instagram 10% Twitter Shop for trendy and/or unique styles for every day wear or a night out Convenient to shop multiple brands on one website Audience Demographics Summary: The age distribution that represents Zappo’s the most is 18-35 years old. The majority of Zappo’s shoppers are females who enjoy shopping online for trendy and/or unique outfits. Shoppers are able to conveniently browse items online from multiple brands.
  7. 7. COMPETITOR ASSESSMENT Competitor Name Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Amazon https://www.facebook .com/Amazon/ Largest follower base, Engagement and awareness of products is very high, Amazon markets variety of products on page, Shoppers have more to choose from Amazon can’t reply to everyone because of large audience, problems may not be handled immediately or at all Zulily https://www.instagra Relatable/funny posts that appeal to audience, pictures do not directly advertise products, high- quality photos and themed shoots Posts do not provide direct links to the product, consumers have to search zulily for products after seeing them on Instagram, uses too many hashtags Spartoo https://www.facebook .com/spartoo/ Also has a large audience, advertises tons of different shoe “trends” that may appeal to shoppers, also sells brand name items Does not frequently post, very plain posts that don’t capture the eye and may bore audience, only sells one specific product (shoes), low consumer engagement Competitor Assessment Summary: Competitors of Zappo’s is Amazon, Zulily, and Spartoo. Amazon and Spartoo both have a strong social presence on Facebook, while Zulily reaches out to shoppers on Instagram. All competitors have large follower bases and high-quality visual content. Their weaknesses, on the other hand, consist of lack of communication and feedback
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES • In 2017, the primary focus of our social media strategy will be to boost our sales and brand recognition by expanding consumer engagement on our social media channels by 30%. By providing customer feedback and building more meaningful connections, consumers will more likely gravitate toward Zappo’s over other online retail stores. • Some specific objectives include: 1. Using more brand hash tags and key messaging to boost brand recognition. 2. Emphasize more on individuality in order make customers feel trendy when buying clothes/other products from our site. 3. Respond in a timely manner to customer’s comment and concerns. 4. Increase Instagram followers by 10,000 in the next year. Key Performance Indicators: • Number of weekly posts on Instagram and Facebook • Number of page visits • Number of active followers and post likes, shares, and comments Key Messages • Delivering Happiness • Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded • Create fun and a little weirdness
  10. 10. ONLINE BRAND PERSONA AND VOICE Adjectives that describe our brand: • Stylish • Unique • Popular • Athletic • Comfortable • Luxurious When interacting with customers, we are: • Helpful • Encouraging • Supportive • Outgoing • Inspiring • Assuring
  12. 12. STRATEGIES AND TOOLS • Paid – weekly boosted posts on Instagram and Facebook that shows pro athletes and other celebrities promoting new Adidas/Nike products • Owned – Encourage shoppers to use the hash tags #CreateFun #ZappoStyle and other brand hash tags when posting their outfits on their social media pages to boost recognition • Earned – Team up with popular bloggers, YouTube influencers, and celebrities to promote products in their blogs/videos in order for Zappo’s to boost sales and increase social media followers Tools: • YouTube • Tumblr • PhotoShop Pictured above: Andre Ward promoting Zappos’ fight week fashion items
  13. 13. STRATEGIES AND TOOLS Pictured above: DJ Khaled hand delivers products to lucky customers who have recently purchased items on Zappo’s Pictured above: Popular tumblr blogger uses hash tags to promote festive casual outfit from Zappo’s
  14. 14. TIMING AND KEY DATES Holiday Dates: • July 4th (Independence Day) • Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve) • Dec. 31st (New Year’s Eve) • Feb. 26th-Mar. 4th (Spring Break) Internal Dates: • Nov. 24th (Black Friday) • Nov. 27th (Cyber Monday) • Dec. 23rd (Super Saturday)
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Marketing Director – Matt Burchard – manages the marketing of Zappo’s and looking at trends in the industry • Social Media Manager – Josh Weaver - creates, curates, and manages all content posted on social media channels • Social Media Coordinator – Kristen Whiteley – implements and maintains online marketing strategies on channels and helps represent Zappo’s online • Social Media Customer Service – Jeffrey Lewis (Customer Loyalty Team Manager) – provides great customer service and feedback through social media channels
  16. 16. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY As the presence of social media channels steadily grows, it is critical that companies implement a social media policy. Zappo’s dedicates their policy to spreading positive company messages, interacting with and keeping customers up to date on new products, and expressing new ideas through their channels. As a representative of Zappo’s, you are expected to demonstrate these simple guidelines when using social media: 1.) Deal fairly with customers 2.) Be helpful when giving feedback 3.) Don’t post confidential information 4.) Always be respectful 5.) Avoid conflict of interest 6.) Be honest and accurate with information Zappo’s is intolerant toward inappropriate behavior by employees on social media channels. Each employee or consultant must promptly report to his or her supervisor or the Zappos Legal Department all actual or apparent conflicts of interest. The Zappos Legal Department is responsible for the interpretation and application of this Code of Conduct to particular situations and will recommend an appropriate resolution of the conflict
  17. 17. CRITICAL RESPONSE PLAN • Scenario 1: complaint on Facebook about a ripped piece of clothing bought from Zappo’s website • Action Plan: 1. When comment surfaces on Facebook and is detected, notify the social media director and figure out an appropriate apology message and solution 2. Contact the customer through Facebook’s private messaging system and suggest multiple solutions, such as a free product exchange or Zappo’s store credit 3. Determine whether this is a common issue among customers that have recently shopped at Zappo’s and offer solutions Pre-approved message: “We sincerely apologize to those who have disappointing products. Everything we do at Zappo’s is aimed at satisfying our customers. We know that you expect that from us, and we are working non-stop to solve this issue.”
  18. 18. CRITICAL RESPONSE PLAN • Scenario 2: An employee of Zappo’s posts a tweet on Twitter containing inappropriate and foul language • Action Plan: 1. Take a screenshot of the tweet before deleting it. 2. After deleting the tweet, contact Zappo’s social media marketer with picture evidence. 3. Monitor social media channels to determine whether the tweet reached audience and if Zappo’s is receiving negative backlash. 4. If Zappo’s followers respond negatively, social media marketer will review the situations, and decide if disciplinary action is necessary. 5. If disciplinary action occurs, member of the staff will be terminated and removed from having access to social media account.Preapproved message: Sending our deepest apologies for an extremely irresponsible and inappropriate tweet that is in no way an accurate representation of our brand.
  19. 19. MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING RESULTS Source Volume Percentage of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 8,900 Unique Visits + 2.3% growth 6% 2.8% Facebook 40,000 unique visits +11% growth 25% 4.8% Instagram 8,000 unique visits +24% growth 12% 2.3% LinkedIn 1,200 +17% growth 3% .6% Quantitative KPI’s Reporting Period: 2 months date as of December 8th, 2017 Web Traffic Assessment Time Frame: monthly average October 2017 to December 2017
  20. 20. MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING RESULTS Social Network URL Follower Count Avg. Weekly Activity Engagemen t Rate Twitter Zappos 2.87 million +1.4% growth 30 posts per week +30% increase 3% +100% increase Facebook https://www.facebo 2.3 million +2.4% growth 10 posts per week +66.6 increase 4% +100% increase Instagram https://www.instagr =en 103.5k +6.2% growth 8 posts per week +37.5% increase 2% +100% increase LinkedIn https://www.linkedi 951/ 66,000 +1.3% growth 3 posts per week +200% increase .1% .1% increase Social Media Data Our Instagram followers have increased by 6,000, which is more than half of our goal set for 10,000 for the next year. Moreover, our engagement rate on Instagram has increased by 100%. Our marketing team has made it their mission to increase our weekly posts on all of our social media channels, and incorporate Zappo’s hash tags. By doing this, followers are more likely to interact with our content. In fact, all of our social media channels’ engagement rate increased by 100%, which is 70% more than our set goal.
  21. 21. MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING RESULTS Our LinkedIn account experienced the least amount of growth. However, we are considering new ways for followers to engage with this channel. We want our LinkedIn followers to have access to past and current Zappo’s employees contact information if they are interested in working with our company. Qualitative KPIs: Sentiment Analysis An analysis of 100 tweets, 100 instagram posts, and 100 facebook posts revealed the following: • Customers reported helpful customer service when discussing products with customer service representatives • Customers also used Zappo’s hash tags #ZappoStyle and #CreateFun when posting content that consisted of Zappo’s products on their own pages • Positive feedback from customers and increased engagement • Negative feedback resulted from timing of responses from customer service representatives. Though we are improving on the speed we respond to customers, it is difficult to find solutions to issues right away. Proposed Action Items: • Continue posting content with brand hash tags #Zappostyle • Keeping our customers up to date about new products • Replying as fast as we possibly can to customers • Creating more fun and unique hash tags for Zappos • Improving the reach on our LinkedIn account