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Hacking Lead Gen - Tools, Resources, and Strategy

Lead generation and list building at scale.

Visit for more sales hacks, tips, and tactics.

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Hacking Lead Gen - Tools, Resources, and Strategy

  1. 1. Hacking Lead Gen Max Altschuler CEO of Sales Hacker Conference, Follow me @MaxAlts & @SalesHackerConf @maxalts @maxalts
  2. 2. About Me • Built the supply side of the Udemy Marketplace. Helped them raise their A and B rounds, over $15m in funding. Just raised a $32m series C. • VP of Biz Dev for AttorneyFee. Bootstrapped an sold to Legalzoom for 8 figures. Streamlined both sides of the marketplace. • Started the Sales Hacker Conference, Sales Hacker Series, @maxalts@maxalts
  3. 3. Lead Gen Strategy Figuring out your ICP and where to find them. Top Down or Bottom Up outreach. Mix of web scraping, Virtual Assistants, and Sales Automation tools. Can automate the entire process up until prospects first response. Use free or cheap tools. Mantra = do more with less. @maxalts@maxalts
  4. 4. ICP = Ideal Customer Profile Who is your target user, customer, company, job title, etc. Where are they? What over services are they using/paying for? FB and Google Ad spend, API integrations, marketing/sales. Can use Datanyze, BuiltWith or Mixrank to find customers using similar products. Reverse engineering past deals to find target companies and entry points (which job title). Segment based on size of the company. Different entry point for F500 company than Series B company (Field Marketing Manager vs CEO). @maxalts@maxalts
  5. 5. @mxalts Web scraping Kimonify Sources Crunchbase Angel List Yelp Followerwonk Kickstarter Reddit @maxalts
  6. 6. List Building Toofr All you need is First Name, Last Name, and Domain Name Can pull accurate lists in real-time by the 1000’s Can test existing emails as well Salesloft All you need is Title or Company Name Tests emails directly in your browser Can pull .csv files of massive, targeted lists. @maxalts
  7. 7. @maxalts Contact Info ToutApp Yesware Signals by Hubspot Create templates and A/B test them (subject line, call to action) Use dynamic fields (First Name, Company, Personal Note) Cue up follow-ups, at least 7 spaced out over 3 months Cold emails depend on the context of the people you’re reaching out to. @maxalts
  8. 8. List Building For lead gen pay them $3-$5 per hour. Give a test in the hiring process. Can self manage and train using Google Groups or Skype. Very detailed directions with screenshots. Tell them what info you need or setup the list for them the first time. Had as many as 12 on this at Udemy. I work with 1-2 personally at all times. @maxalts Odesk *Bigger companies with higher budgets should check out a team from TaskUs/LeadGenius. Already built and ready to be deployed.
  9. 9. Recap Teach the entire process to Virtual Assistants. Get them building lists and sending emails for you. You take over as soon as a lead responds. Set up a call on the first response. Great for companies with endless leads. Can be done with a 1 man team or large sales org. @maxalts
  10. 10. @maxalts Good Startup CRMs RelateIQ Pipedrive Base PipelineDeals @maxalts Salesforce is a UX nightmare but scales with massive sales teams and there’s a good chance your sales exec hires will already be comfortable with it. “If you hire Roger Federer, you let him choose his racket.”
  11. 11. Other Tools/Tips Followerwonk for finding individuals with certain skillsets, credentials, job titles, etc. Keyword SEO tools for creating keyword strings for your VAs. ( SellerCrowd for finding the right targets in Brands & Agencies. Rapportive,, Boomerang for Gmail, Google Labs for Gmail(undo send) @maxalts@maxalts
  12. 12. Questions? Follow along at for more sales hacks. Stay tuned for the next Sales Hacker Conference in a city near you. Email me - Max [at] Follow me @MaxAlts @maxalts@maxalts
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Lead generation and list building at scale. Visit for more sales hacks, tips, and tactics.


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