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Government Policy, Schemes, Law for Senior Citizens in India



Government Policy, Schemes, Law for Senior Citizens in India as on 2016

Government Policy, Schemes, Law for Senior Citizens in India

  1. 1. Government Policy, Schemes, Law for Senior Citizens By Sailesh Mishra Founder, Silver innings Group Founder, A1Snehanjali Silver Inning Foundation 1
  2. 2. Ageing In India • India is a vast country both in terms of area as well as population. With 28 State & 7 Union Territories ,It has a total area of 3,288,000 square kilometers. Its Total population as on 2011 1.21 billion , Male 623.7 million (51.54%) , Female 586.5 million (48.46%) . Sex ratio : 940 females per 1,000 males. Currently. India's 50% population is below the age of 25. • India is gradually undergoing a demographic change. With decline in fertility and mortality rates accompanied by an improvement in child survival and increased life expectancy, a significant feature of demographic change is the progressive increase in the number of elderly persons • Elderly are the most ignored and neglected segment Silver Inning Foundation 2
  3. 3. Key Figures  Aged as per 2001 Census 76 Million: 7.5% of Total population (76 million) ,in 2010 it was estimated 96 million. 2012 – 100 Million around 9%  Aged Male : 7.1% of total population  Aged Female : 7.8% of total population  According to UN by 2050, nearly 20% of India’s population will comprise of people over the age of 60 years  General population in Rural 72.2% People in Urban 27.8% as on 2001 .According to UN urban population in India will increase from 30 % in 2010 to more than 50 % by 2045.  35% Elderly in BPL ( Below Poverty Line) ,around 60% in Rural India , 90% no social security  Soon India will cross 10% ? - An Ageing Nation .India has 2nd largest number of Elderly Silver Inning Foundation 3
  4. 4. Key Figures ….Contd  According to UNICEF Life expectancy in India : In 1951 42 yrs In 1970 49 yrs In 1990 58 yrs In 2005 64 yrs In 2008 68.6 yrs  There is 60% increase in 60 yrs of lifespan 63 % old population in 1991 (36 million) was in the age group 60- 69years. 53% Female & 47% Male Aged and out of total aged 50% are widow Drastic change in 3 segment :Young Old (60- 70 yrs ), Old Old ( 71 – 80yrs ) Very Old ( 81+ yrs) Silver Inning Foundation 4
  5. 5. Feminization of Ageing • 53% Female , 47% Male : Aged in India • WHO's representative to India Dr Nata Menabde : She said, "Women's longer life-spans compared to men, combined with the fact that men tend to marry women younger than themselves, mean that the number of widows will increase rapidly." • She added, "Being a male-dominated society and given the fact that women in India rely on their husbands for the provision of economic resources and social status, a large percentage of older women are at risk of dependency, isolation, and/or dire poverty and neglect." Silver Inning Foundation 5
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  9. 9. India Pyramid 2000 Silver Inning Foundation 9
  10. 10. India Pyramid 2050 Silver Inning Foundation 10
  11. 11. Issues of Ageing Population … • Poverty among the Elderly: estimated that about 6 % of the poor persons • Illiteracy: In 1981, among the elderly males, only 34.79 % were literate Among the female elderly, only 7.89 per cent were literate • Employment: there seems to be a marked downward trend - due to adoption of new technology or methods of production difficult for the elderly or work conditions have become harder and unsuitable for them. Silver Inning Foundation 11
  12. 12. Issues of Ageing Population…… • Dependency: Majority of the elderly in both rural (50.78 %) and urban (57.35%) areas are totally dependent on others for economic support. • Living Arrangements: About 7.31 % of the elderly in rural areas as against 5.54 % of the elderly in the urban areas are living alone. • Health Problems and Physical Disabilities: 45 % of the rural elderly are chronically ill - 45.01 % men and 45.85 % women. In the urban areas, 44.82 % of the elderly (45.49 % women and 44.34 % men) are chronically ill. • Cough and problem of joints are the most common health problems. As far as physical disabilities are concerned, in the rural areas, 5.4 % of all the elderly (6.8 % females and 4.4 % males) are physically disabled while in the urban areas, 5.5 % of all the elderly (6.7 % females and 4.7 % males) are physically disabled. Silver Inning Foundation 12
  13. 13. Issues of Ageing Population  Elder Abuse: According to a rough estimate, nearly 40 % of older people living with their families are reportedly facing abuse of one kind or another, but only 1 in 6 cases actually comes to light . Most elders are ill-treated by their own children, who have emerged as the largest group of perpetrators at 47.3 %.  Neglect is the most common form of abuse at 48.7 % followed by emotional/psychological, financial exploitation, physical abuse and abandonment respectively.  There is growing number of insecurity, injustice and abuse in Elderly in India  Dementia and Alzheimer's: According to National Dementia Report 2010 approx 2.6% to 3% people over 60 yrs of age suffer from some form of Dementia and out of this 50% suffer from Alzheimer's. In 2010 there are around 3.7 million people with Dementia Silver Inning Foundation 13
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  16. 16. Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing 1982 •UN General Assembly convened the First World Assembly on Ageing in 1982, which produced a 62- point “Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing”. It called for specific action on such issues as health and nutrition, protecting elderly consumers, housing and environment, family, social welfare, income security and employment, education, and the collection and analysis of research data. Silver Inning Foundation 16
  17. 17. UNITED NATION •In 1991, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Principles for Older Persons, enumerating 18 entitlements for older persons — relating to Independence, Participation, Care, Self-fulfillment and Dignity. The following year, the International Conference on Ageing met to follow-up on the Plan of Action, adopting a Proclamation on Ageing. Following the Conference's recommendation, the UN General Assembly declared 1999 the International Year of Older Persons. Silver Inning Foundation 17
  18. 18. Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing 2002 (MIPAA) •MIPAA was adopted at the United Nations Second World Assembly on Ageing held in Madrid in 2002. Subsequently, the General Assembly endorsed the Plan on December 2002 during its 57th session. •The Second World Assembly on Ageing brought together delegates from more than 160 Governments, intergovernmental institutions and NGOs to respond to the opportunities and challenges of population ageing. Silver Inning Foundation 18
  19. 19. Human Rights of Senior Citizens • An adequate standard of living, including adequate food, shelter and clothing. • Adequate social security, assistance and protection • Freedom from discrimination based on age or any other status, in all aspects of life including employment and access to housing, heath care and social services • The highest possible standard of health • Be treated with dignity • Protection from neglect and all types of physical or mental abuse • Full and effective participate in decision-making concerning their well-being Silver Inning Foundation 19
  20. 20. Indian Constitution Well-being of older persons has been mandated in the Constitution of India. Article 41, a Directive Principle of State Policy, has directed that the State shall, within the limits of its economic capacity and development, make effective provision for securing the right of public assistance in cases of old age. There are other provisions, too, which direct the State to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Right to equality has been guaranteed by the Constitution as a Fundamental Right. These provisions apply equally to older persons. Social security has been made the concurrent responsibility of the Central and State Governments. Silver Inning Foundation 20
  21. 21. National Policy of the Older Persons (NPOP) 1999 • The Indian government after many years of debate finally declared the National Policy of the Older Persons in January 1999, the International Year of the Older Persons. The policy highlights the rising elderly population and an urgent need to understand and deal with the medical, psychological and socio-economic problems faced by the elderly. However what the policy did emphasize was on the dominant role the non governmental organizations should play to assist the government in bringing forth a society where the needs and the priorities of the elderly are taken into account. It recognized the Older Persons as a Resource of the Country. • In view of changing needs of Senior Citizens over the past decade, Government decided to review this Policy and got it reviewed by a Review Committee, which has submitted Revised National Policy for Senior Citizens,2011 (NPSC, 2011) to Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment on 30-3-11. Silver Inning Foundation 21
  22. 22. The National Policy Statement includes the following • Ensuring the well-being of the elderly so that they do not become marginalised, unprotected or ignored • Protection on various fronts like financial security, health care, shelter and welfare, including protection against abuse and exploitation • Ensuring for the elderly, an equitable share in the benefits of development as well as addressing the neglect of elderly women on three counts viz. age, widowhood and gender • Promoting an age-integrated society by adopting mechanisms for improving inter-generational ties • Considering the elderly as a resource by advocating their inclusion within the family, community and society • Viewing the elderly as an agency which needs to be empowered, with regard to their voice and representation • Recognizing the need for expansion of social and community services with universal accessibility Silver Inning Foundation 22
  23. 23. The salient features of the NPOP • FINANCIAL SECURITY • HEALTHCARE AND NUTRITION • EDUCATION • WELFARE • PROTECTION OF LIFE AND PROPERTY • Shelter • Basic facilities • NGOs • Research & Training Silver Inning Foundation 23
  24. 24. National Policy on Senior Citizens (NPSC) 2011 / 2016 • (Draft submitted to Union Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment – Govt. of India in March 2011) • Chairperson : Dr. Mrs . Mohini Giri • Members : • Mr. M.M. Sabharwal • Mr. K.R. Gangadharan • Dr. Sheilu Sreenivasan • Member Secretary : • Mr. P.P. Mitra • Sub committees 5 Silver Inning Foundation 24
  25. 25. NPSC 2011 : Need • 1/8th of the Worlds Elderly Population lives in India. Most of them will never retire in the usual sense of the term and will continue to work as long as physically possible. Inevitably though the disability to produce and earn will decline with age. The absence on savings will result in sharp declining in living standards that for many can mean destitution. Therefore this is the challenge of old age income security in India. • As a result of the current ageing scenario, there is a need for all aspects of care for the Oldest Old (80+ years) namely, socio economic, financial, health and shelter. • Problems in any of these areas have an impact on the quality of life in old age and healthcare when it is needed. Increase in life span also results in chronic functional disabilities creating a need for assistance required by the Oldest Old to manage simple chores. • This policy looks at the increasing longevity of people and lack of care giving. • Elderly Women Need Special Attention • Rural Poor Need Special Attention • Increasing advancement in technology Silver Inning Foundation 25
  26. 26. Policy Objectives •Mainstream senior citizens, especially older women, and bring their concerns into the national development debate with priority to implement mechanisms already set by governments and supported by civil society and senior citizens associations. •Promote the concept of “Ageing in Place” or ageing in own home, housing, income security and homecare services, old age pension and access to healthcare insurance schemes and other programmes and services to facilitate and sustain dignity in old age. •The thrust of the policy would be preventive rather than cure. Silver Inning Foundation 26
  27. 27. Policy Objectives …… • The policy will consider institutional care as the last resort. It recognises that care of senior citizens has to remain vested in the family which would partner the community, government and the private sector. • Being a signatory to the Madrid Plan of Action and Barrier Free Framework it will work towards an inclusive, barrier-free and age- friendly society. • Recognise that senior citizens are a valuable resource for the country and create an environment that provides them with equal opportunities, protects their rights and enables their full participation in society. Towards achievement of this directive, the policy visualises that the states will extend their support for senior citizens living below the poverty line in urban and rural areas Silver Inning Foundation 27
  28. 28. Policy Objectives ….. • Long term savings instruments and credit activities will be promoted to reach both rural and urban areas. • Employment in income generating activities • Support and assist organisations that provide counselling, career guidance and training services. • States will be advised to implement the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 and set up Tribunals so that elderly parents unable to maintain themselves are not abandoned and neglected. • States will set up homes with assisted living facilities for abandoned senior citizens in every district of the country and there will be adequate budgetary support. Silver Inning Foundation 28
  29. 29. Various Government Concessions and Schemes • Finance • Medical • Travel • Communication / Telephone • Legal • Ministry of Social Justice Scheme • National Social Assistance Programme(NSAP) Silver Inning Foundation 29
  30. 30. Finance • Income Tax • Income tax rebate up to an income of Rs. 2.5 lakh p.a. from 1/04/12 and this concession shall be available to all senior citizens of 60 years & above, as against 65 at present. • A special category of very senior citizens of those above 80 will be given exemption limit of Rs 5 lakh per annum. • Separate wards are provided for filing Returns for Senior Citizens. • All claims of Senior Citizens are settled on the spot. If not, refund is required to be given within 3 months of filing the Return. • Saving bank interest upto 10,000 exempted from 1/04/12 Silver Inning Foundation 30
  31. 31. Finance …. • Deduction of Medical Insurance premium is increased to Rs.20000. Medical expenditure for some specific diseases is exempted up to Rs.60000. • The present limit of TDS is increased to Rs.10000 from Rs.5000 from 1-4- 07. e) State of Maharashtra exempts Senior Citizens from Professional Tax. Silver Inning Foundation 31
  32. 32. Finance ….. • Bank & Post Office: • Interest on daily basis is calculated for Savings Bank Account & rate of interest in Savings Bank is increased. • Senior Citizens are given .25 to 1% more interest by banks on deposits. • Senior Citizens Scheme: Senior Citizens of 60 and above can deposit Rs. 1000 to Rs. 15 lakh (30 lakh for husband & wife) at the fixed interest rate of 9% in any Post Office or Bank for a period of 5 years, extendable for 3 more years. This can be in joint account or separate account of individual. This account can be closed after 1 year. Income from this account is taxable. Silver Inning Foundation 32
  33. 33. Finance …… • Reverse Mortgage Scheme: Senior Citizens of 60 and above having their own houses can mortgage their house and get a monthly amount or lum sum without payment of tax either on cash received from Mortgager or capital gain tax on excess valuation of the flat for day to day expenses and also for health care, home improvements, recreational, religious purposes etc under this scheme without vacating their house subject, of course to valuation of the house, age, interest rates etc. When one dies or house is sold, the debt gets paid off. Spouse can continue to stay till survival. Silver Inning Foundation 33
  34. 34. Medical: • Medical Facilities: Maharashtra Government has directed all Government & Municipal Hospitals and Hospitals attached to Medical & Dental Colleges to provide free investigations & complete treatment to all Senior Citizens. There will be separate ques for Senior Citizens for case paper, consultations with doctors & medicines. Except, 3 major Hospitals-Nair, KEM & Sion, all Municipal Hospitals have confirmed in writing that they are giving free treatment to all senior Citizens. • Private Charitable Hospitals: As per provisions in Sec 41AA in The Bombay Public Trust Act,1950 Charity Commissioner has to instruct & ensure that all private charitable hospitals reserve & earmark 10% of total number of Operational Beds and 10% of the total capacity of patients for BPL PATIENTS and are required to be given free treatment on par with paying patients and without any discrimination . Silver Inning Foundation 34
  35. 35. Medical …… • Maharashtra Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojna.RGJAY- (Web site: : The State Government of Maharashtra has launched Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) in order to improve access of Below Poverty Line (yellow card holders) and Above Poverty Line (APL- orange card holders) families to quality medical care. The scheme will extend quality medical care for identified specialty services requiring hospitalization for surgeries and therapies or consultations through an identified network of health care providers. The insurance policy/coverage under the RGJAY for the eligible beneficiary families in 8 districts of Phase I will be in force for an initial period of one year from the date of commencement of the policy. The scheme will cover 30 specialized service categories having 972 procedures and 121 follow up procedures. Silver Inning Foundation 35
  36. 36. Medical …… • Medical Insurance : National Insurance Company has introduced Varishtha Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens between 60 to 80 years EXTEDABLE UP TO 90 YEARS with a basic cover of Rs 1 lakh covering Hospitalization & domiciliary hospitalization and Rs. 2 lakh for critical illness. It shall cover pre existing diseases after claimless 1 year. Many other Insurance Companies also offer various schemes for Health Insurance. Silver Inning Foundation 36
  37. 37. Travel: • BUS • Reservation of two seats is kept for Senior Citizens in front row of the buses of the State Road Transport Undertakings (ST) & in some cases; they are allowed to occupy seats reserved for handicaps, if vacant. In BEST buses in Mumbai, Senior Citizens are allowed to enter from front door. BEST has provided 5 seats recently. • Some State Governments are giving fare concession to Senior Citizens at different rates & to different age groups in the State Road Transport Undertaking buses running out of city areas. In Maharashtra, 50% concession is allowed to all Senior Citizens of 65 & above in all ST buses running out of city. Silver Inning Foundation 37
  38. 38. Travel , bus …… • In MBMT (Mira-Bhayander Municipal Transport Corporation) buses running in city area also, 50% concession is given. Some concession should be given in Taxi & Rickshaw fares also. In Punjab, women Senior Citizens are allowed free travel by ST buses. Some States are introducing Bus Models, which are convenient to the elderly. Silver Inning Foundation 38
  39. 39. Travel , Railway • Indian Railways provide 40% fare concession in all Mail/Express including Rajdhani/Shatabadi/Jan Shatabadi trains for Senior Citizens aged 60 years and above for males and 50% to women aged 58 and above. • Indian Railways also have the facility of separate counters for Senior Citizens for purchase/booking/cancellation of tickets, for Main Line Trains. Two lower berths are reserved in each coach for Senior Citizens & Women of 45 & above travelling alone. • Railways grant 75% concession to Senior Citizens undergoing major heart/cancer operations from starting station to Hospital station for self & one companion. • In Mumbai suburban trains, certain seats are reserved from 12 to 15 hrs in specified compartments. There is necessity of a separate coach & reservation of 3 seats in all First Class Compartments. Silver Inning Foundation 39
  40. 40. Travel , Air • Indian Airlines is providing 50 per cent Discount on Normal Economy Class fare for all domestic flights to Indian senior citizens who have completed the age of 60 years subject to certain conditions. • Air India is offering discount of 55% to senior citizens of 60 plus on flights to USA, UK and Europe on economy class. For Identity card, 2 passport sized photographs have to be submitted along with the form. • Kingfisher Airlines offers discount in Business class only for citizens of 65 years or above on sectoral basis. Age proof required. • Jetlite & JET offers a discount of 50% on economy class for citizens of 65 years or above. One passport sized photograph required on the form along with age proof. Silver Inning Foundation 40
  41. 41. Communication • Telephone: MTNL : • Senior Citizens 65yrs and above : 25% concession in installation and Rental, Age proof required. Silver Inning Foundation 41
  42. 42. Legal • Court : • Courts in the country accord priority to cases involving older persons and ensures their expeditious disposal. • According to provisions of Chapter III of the Personal Law (Hindu) and Chapter IX of Code Of Criminal Procedure, older persons can claim maintenance from their children. • Free Legal Aid Silver Inning Foundation 42
  43. 43. Laws for Elderly • There is no specific law till recently: Section 125 of the Cr PC - A magistrate can order the child to maintain his old parents. • Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act: Requires Hindu sons and daughters to maintain their elderly parents when parents are unable to maintain themselves • Domestic Violence Act : Provides parents with right to seek relief in case of violence • Maintenance of Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill: Dec 2007- Its revolutionary law - Tribunal headed by the SDM will decide the case. No Advocate,90 days time line,3rd Party can file suit. Not yet Implemented all over India. Rules framed in Maharashtra in July 2010 and now Tribunals formed as ‘inform by state govt.’ Maintenance of Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 (MWPSCA) : Not yet implemented . Maintenance Max Rs 10,000/- p.m. Penality Rs.5000/- - 3 months jail . Silver Inning Foundation 43
  44. 44. Silver Inning Foundation National Programme for the Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE) February 2011 •BY Health & Family Welfare Ministry •The elderly population will increase to 12% of the total population by 2025, 10% of which would be bedridden, requiring utmost care. •NPHCE to address various health-related problems of elderly people. •This policy aims to provide long-term, affordable and accessible healthcare to seniors. •“Designed to be preventive, curative and rehabilitative for the elderly," would be rolled out in 100 districts of 21 states. •Under the programme, district hospitals are being aided to start a 10- bedded geriatric ward. Eight regional 30-bedded geriatric centres are being set up including at Grants Medical College & JJ Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 44
  45. 45. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment: • Central Govt : • An Integrated Programme for Older Persons (IPOP) This Scheme has been formulated by revising the earlier scheme of “Assistance to Voluntary Organizations for Programmes relating to the Welfare of the Aged”. Under this Scheme with effect from 1-4-2008, financial assistance up to 90% of the project cost is provided 27. • • Free Old Age Home Feb 1963 , Maharashtra Govt. : • To Govt approved and Registered under Trust and Society Act • One day every Person 750/- for Building • Per month 630/- • Contact: District Social Welfare Official Silver Inning Foundation 45
  46. 46. The National Social Assistance Programme(NSAP) • Since15th August,1995 represents a significant step towards the fulfillment of the Directive Principles in Article 41 of the Constitution. The programme introduced a National Policy for Social Assistance for the poor and aims at ensuring minimum national standard for social assistance in addition to the benefits that states are currently providing or might provide in future. NSAP at present, comprises of Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme (IGNOAPS), Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme (IGNWPS), Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme (IGNDPS), National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) and Annapurna. • Silver Inning Foundation 46
  47. 47. Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Anudan Yojna • Maharashtra, for niradhar (destitute) Senior Citizens under 65 and having income below Rs 21000 p.a. are eligible to get Rs 500 p. m. If there is more than one beneficiary, the amount shall be Rs 750 p.m. The beneficiary has to apply in prescribed form with certificates for age, income, residential proof for 15 years, not staying in any Vrudhashram and not getting any monthly allowance through any other scheme etc and for being destitute. Silver Inning Foundation 47
  48. 48. National Family Benefit Scheme (NFBS) • Under this Scheme, Rs 10000 is given to a BPL family on the death of a primary bread winner between the ages of 18-64 years Silver Inning Foundation 48
  49. 49. Indira Awaas Yojna • This scheme was introduced in 1985-86 and provides houses free of cost to below poverty line BPL S C/S T families (40%), physically & mentally challenged (3%) and non S C /S T BPL house holds staying in rural areas. This is given for new houses as well as conversion of kucha houses in to pucca ones. Cost of the new house is limited to Rs 35000 in plain areas and Rs 38500 in hilly/difficult areas and for conversion Rs 10000 to be financed by Central and State Governments in ratio of 75/25. Similar scheme for providing shelter to Rural BPL families is announced under Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojna also. The purpose is sustainable human development at the village level. This scheme also provides funds for all basic minimum services in the village viz shelter, slum development, roads, bridges & various other schemes. Silver Inning Foundation 49
  50. 50. Antyodaya Anna Yojna • This scheme is launched in 2001 and provides 35 kg of food grains per family at highly subsidized rates to 1.5 crore of BPL families. Under National Food for Work (NFFW), rice is given free to BPL in certain backward areas. Under Sampurna Gramin Rozgar Yojna (SGRY), 5kg of rice & Rs 32 cash is given as daily wages per day to BPL Workers for works like construction of roads, infrastructure for education, health improvements, improvement of environment etc. Silver Inning Foundation 50
  51. 51. Annapurna Scheme • Under this Scheme launched from 1-4-2001, 10 kg of food grains per month free of cost is provided to BPL persons entitled to IGNOAP but not getting that pension. Silver Inning Foundation 51
  52. 52. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) • The MGNREG Act 2005 provides enhancement of livelihood security, giving atleast 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year to every household, whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. Priority to women Silver Inning Foundation 52
  53. 53. National Pension Scheme NPS 2012 • PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development • Authority), India has opened New Pension Scheme (NPS) to all Indian citizens starting on 1st May, 2009.PFRDA was established by the Government of India to promote old age income • security by establishing, developing and regulating pension funds, to protect the interests of • subscribers to schemes of pension funds.This will benefit unorganized sector . With Bnak need to open account . Focussed- For economically disadvantaged sections of the society and • marginal investors . Voluntary - Open to eligible* citizens of India, in the age group of 18– • 60 years. Subscriber is free to choose the amount he/she wants to invest every year. Silver Inning Foundation 53
  54. 54. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension (IGNOAPS) • Senior Citizens of 60 (orders for 60 under issue by Ministry of Rural Development) & above belonging to a house hold below the poverty line and not limited to destitutes only, as earlier. The contribution of Central Government is Rs 200 per beneficiary p.m. and minimum Rs 200 from the State. Some States are giving more; some less & some nil. Pension is to be credited, where feasible, to a Post Office or Public Sector Bank account of the beneficiary for 3 months with permission to withdraw every month only one month’s pension. Government of Maharashtra has started this scheme with effect from 1-11-07, as notified in their GR dt 5-3-08. The amount of this Pension is notified as Rs 500 p.m. (State Contribution Rs 300) vide their GR dt 30-9-08. Silver Inning Foundation 54
  55. 55. IGNOAPS • The claimant has to be in the list of families under BPL, has to produce proof of age and certificate of residing in Maharashtra for 15 years. If the beneficiary does not withdraw his monthly pension continuously for 3 months, the amount shall be transferred back to the State. Those, who are handicapped and unable to walk, their pension shall be paid by Money Order at State Expense. In all cases, Post Office/Bank Accounts have to be opened. Life Certificate is necessary every year and should be produced between January & March, failing which pension shall be stopped from 1st April. Entitlement of beneficiary shall also be checked up every year. The beneficiary has to apply in the prescribed form in duplicate to the talati/tahsildar of his area and obtain an acknowledgement from him. All enclosures should also be in duplicate. Silver Inning Foundation 55
  56. 56. Budget 2011 : Change of Mindset • Senior Citizens Income tax benefits now start at 60 as against 65 • Very Senior Citizens 80+ enjoying Income free of Tax )no tax) upto 5 Lakhs. • IGOAP Age reduced to 60+ • Giving Rs 500 pm (earlier 200/0) as IGOAP to 80+ poor seniors. • Increasing Senior Citizens Income Tax exemption limit to 2.5 Lakhs (earlier 2.4 lakh) • Railway concession for women to start at 58 years – 50%. • Increasing Rail concession to male senior citizens to 40% • National Programme for Health Care of Elderly (NPHCE) to improve health services for the elderly. Major activities proposed to be taken up during the remaining period of 11th Five Year Plan are as follows : Minister of Health & Family Welfare 22- February, 2011 • Planning Commission of India consulted Sr.Ctz. Organisation for 12th plan working paper Silver Inning Foundation 56
  57. 57. Silver Inning Foundation National Programme for the Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE) February 2011 •BY Health & Family Welfare Ministry •The elderly population will increase to 12% of the total population by 2025, 10% of which would be bedridden, requiring utmost care. •NPHCE to address various health-related problems of elderly people. •This policy aims to provide long-term, affordable and accessible healthcare to seniors. •“Designed to be preventive, curative and rehabilitative for the elderly," would be rolled out in 100 districts of 21 states. •Under the programme, district hospitals are being aided to start a 10- bedded geriatric ward. Eight regional 30-bedded geriatric centres are being set up including at Grants Medical College & JJ Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 57
  58. 58. Facility available for Elderly • Day Care Center • Dementia Day Care • Dementia Home • Old Age homes & Retirement Township • Help lines • Counseling Services • Memory Clinics • Ambulance service • Mobile Clinics • Hospitals • Home Care Services • Discounts , concession and Subsidy • Pension • Tax Benefit • BPL Benefit for Medicare • INTEGRATED PROGRAMME FOR OLDER PERSONS 2008: Old Age homes, Training, Help lines etc • U3A • NPOP , Senior Citizens Maint.Act , NPHCE • Silver Innings Matrimonial & Companionship • A1 Snehanjali , Silver Innings Assisted Livng Elder care home , NalasoparaSilver Inning Foundation 58
  59. 59. NGO’s working for Elderly • Helpage India • Dignity Foundation • Harmony • Silver Inning Foundation • The Family Welfare Agency • ARDSI • Shree Manav Seva Sangh • FESCOM • AISCCON • Nightingale Medical Trust • ILC –I • Anugraha India • Agewell Foundation • INPEA, AGI , GSI (Geriatric Society of India) • Senior Citizens Associations /Pensioners & Retired person’s association Silver Inning Foundation 59
  60. 60. Silver Inning Foundation 60
  61. 61. References • Maharashtra Government , Social Justice Ministry : • schemes • Silver Innings : ties%20given%20to%20senior%20citizens.pdf • Government of India, MSJE : • • M.V.Ruparelia • Thanks to TISS – UNFPA – ISEC – IEG Silver Inning Foundation 61
  62. 62. Society for all ages  Every person-every man, women and child-deserves to be treated with respect and with caring  Every person-no matter how young or how old- deserves to be safe from harm by those who live with them, care for them or come in day-to-day contact with them Silver Inning Foundation 62
  63. 63. Thanks “Ageing is not 'lost youth‘ but a new stage of opportunity and strength" It’s Silver Inning Foundation Presentation Website Email: Tel: 9987104233 / 9029000091 Silver Inning Foundation 63