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Who says paper is dead? Business model innovation in the media industry



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The presentation is all about the need for innovative business models in print as well as online for the so-called content industry like newspaper. A mere transformation of the classical print model to online does not work since the revenue sources did not follow and the approach to serve all users with a broad spectrum of content does not work on the web since longtail publishers will always beat you on certain topics.

Who says paper is dead? Business model innovation in the media industry

  1. „ Who says paper is dead? “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 1
  2. 8 theses on the transformation of the MEDIA INDUSTRY Dr. Patrick Stähler | 2
  3. thesis 1. Tradition is not a business model Dr. Patrick Stähler | 3 Quelle:
  4. The deep fall of the music (media) industry Dr. Patrick Stähler | 4
  5. „ Remember the times! How emotional were the LPs’ covers!“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 5
  6. The bigger the capacity became, the less emotion was attached to the medium itself, ….… Schallplatte Musik CD iPod Shuffle 1000 min 45 min 74 min Dr. Patrick Stähler | 6
  7. …and the worse did the record industry perform. Sales record industry worldwide in bn $ (1999-2007) 41 40 40 40 37 34 35 33 32 30 30 20 10 0 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Dr. Patrick Stähler | 7
  8. Always the others, in particular their best customers were guilty for the drastic decline Dr. Patrick Stähler | 8
  9. The industry responed with MOTS or More-of-the-Same. More records and fighting the customers Dr. Patrick Stähler | 9
  10. Innovativ business model came from the outside Dr. Patrick Stähler | 10
  11. New customers needs emerge: That‘s how my harddrive looks like Dr. Patrick Stähler | 11
  12. The case of the daily newspaper Dr. Patrick Stähler | 12
  13. A little quiz What is this? Dr. Patrick Stähler | 13
  14. 10.000 mio. USD classified market is evapurated by Craigslist with just sales of 100 Mio. 10.000 Mio. USD 100 Mio. USD decline in classifieds turnover Craigslist 2000-2008 Source: Dr. Patrick Stähler | 14 newspaper-crisis-the-craigslist-boom/
  15. „ Tell me the difference.“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 15
  16. „ The Online version is everything what the print is plus a lot more multimedia content plus interactivity plus blogs.“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 16
  17. „ But did the revenue sources follow you online?“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 17
  18. „ The subscribers turned their back on you. As did the classifieds :-(“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 18
  19. „ Not really your day, dear media industry. Both of your business models are dated. Sorry!“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 19
  20. thesis 2. There is no such thing as a media industry. Every industry is special and faces different challenges Dr. Patrick Stähler | 20
  21. *from a business point „ What is a newspaper?* “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 21
  22. „ I buy a newspaper for news, comments and background stories!“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 22
  23. „ With the WSJ I can reach 30% of the decision makers! “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 23
  24. „ I buy the paper since I am looking for a job.“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 24
  25. thesis 3. Traditional print is not one business model but three, kept together by paper Dr. Patrick Stähler | 25
  26. Dr. Patrick Stähler | 26
  27. thesis 4. The 1-to-1 transfer of the print business model on the web does not work Dr. Patrick Stähler | 27
  28. „ How can I react to the changes? “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 28
  29. „ Who says paper is dead? “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 29
  30. „ Who says print is dead? “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 30
  31. „ Print is not dead. Important is the right innovative business model like of The Economist!“ “ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 31
  32. „ Paper is in many aspects a much better carrier medium than online. Why don‘t we design business models that use these advantages!“ “ Quelle: Dr. Patrick Stähler | 32
  33. thesis 5. The medium shapes the message. Understand the ideosyncracies of each media Dr. Patrick Stähler | 33
  34. „ We have all the figures about our readers!““ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 34
  35. thesis 6. Start with customer insights. Which job do you solve for your customer? Dr. Patrick Stähler | 35
  36. „ Greatest innovation in newspapers in the last 20 years: The „commuters“ free papers!““ Dr. Patrick Stähler | 36
  37. thesis 7. Every medium needs a business models that builds on the medium‘s strengths and that solves a job for the customer Dr. Patrick Stähler | 37
  38. thesis 8. Only business model innovation in print AND online will allow the publishers to survive. Tradition is NOT a business model! Dr. Patrick Stähler | 38
  39. „ Remember. Business model innovation needs courage!“
  40. Be BRAVE, really YES, you can! . Dr. Patrick Stähler | 40
  41. How shall I start? UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS by using the BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS Dr. Patrick Stähler | 41
  42. What business are we in? Our business model Value architecture Value Proposition/ customer offer distribution architecture customers What is our offering? How do we reach our Who are our customers? customers? What job do we solve for our customers? value chain What are our value creating steps? value proposition customer activity 1 activity 2 activity 3 activity 4 What is our value activity What value do we chain? create for our customers? core capabilities partner What value do we What are the core Which partners do we create for our capabilities we need? need? partners? Revenue model cost structure sources of revenue Cost structure is defined by With what do we earn the value architecture money? culture/ values leadership style relationship style values What leadership style How do we interact What values do we do we have? with each other and the pursue? customer?
  43. More information at Dr. oec. Patrick Stähler fluidminds GmbH