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PR 2.0: Mixing Business with Social Media



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A presentation given twice at NKU in April 2008. Photos are CC-friendly from Flickr and require attribution, Send me an email if you plan on using them. Oh and meant to upload notes so some of the slides make more sense. Need to get on that....someday.

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PR 2.0: Mixing Business with Social Media

  1. pr 2.0 mixing business with social media 04.24.08
  2. content is changing
  3. content creation tools increasing in power, ease of use decreasing in cost no longer a barrier to entry use for the right reasons
  4. communication channels increasing2 delivering more messages ─ news releases (2K+ daily, 520K+ annually) receiving greater scrutiny
  5. attention span decreasing3 requires instant comprehension ─ an efficient, effective message EVERYTHING’S abbreviated ─ spelling, board games, trips to the mall
  6. public relations is changing