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Strategy meets design



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Set-up slides for the Design steps up panel discussion at the DMI Conference in Amsterdam 2016 #DMC16

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Strategy meets design

  1. 1. Design steps-up Strategy meets design DMI Amsterdam, May 2016
  2. 2. Not so long ago Design Strategy
  3. 3. Design Strategy A growing intersection
  4. 4. Designers are being asked to tackle new and higher-level problems
  5. 5. Title Sub-heading Design’s ultimate evangelist
  6. 6. Title Sub-heading
  7. 7. Jonathan IveErnesto QuinterosEric QuintStefano MarzanoSean CarneyPeter Schreyer Mauro Porcini CDOs 2006 11 12 13 14 15
  8. 8. Mark Parker 2006 Chrisopher Bailey 2014 Designer CEOs
  9. 9. Bachelor of Fine Arts in industrial design Dual degree of Graphic Design and Industrial Design at RISD. Nathan BlecharczykBrian Chesky Trained as an Architect, then worked in the design industry. Bachelor of Architecture and Industrial Design Evan Sharp Graham Hill ‘Great companies are built with a design ethos at the core, ... Understanding that design isn’t just pixels and paint but an experience that has been thought through end-to-end is really important.’ Megan Quinn, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, in Tim Bradshaw, ‘Designers on the ascendant in Silicon Valley’, Financial Times, 7 July 2013 Designer founders Bachelor of Arts communications Eric Ryan
  10. 10. Management consultancies acquiring design agencies 20­13 20­152007
  11. 11. A step change 11 12 13 14 152006
  12. 12. How are the problems that we are tackling changing? What is driving this change? How is it shifting the meaning of design? What are the opportunities (and challenges) for design leaders?