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Why a Tiny House?
Why a Tiny House?
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Tiny House Communities: A new way to thrive in challenging times



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An overview of the market opportunity for Tiny House Communities, and regulatory challenges that we are working to overcome (more at

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Tiny House Communities: A new way to thrive in challenging times

  1. 1. Tiny House Communities A New Way to Thrive in Challenging Times Openworld Villages Mark Frazier, President/CEO
  2. 2. Contents 1.  Overview 2.  The Trend Towards Tiny Houses 3.  Where To Put Them? 4.  Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles 5.  Our Response: Openworld Villages
  3. 3. Overview •  We’re a new nonprofit focusing on ecovillages and tiny house solutions for the US and global market •  Our team includes the owner of the White Lotus Eco Retreat (21 acres in Standardsville, VA) and the cofounder of The Quarries (350 acres in Schuyler, VA)
  4. 4. The Trend Towards Tiny Houses Demand drivers: •  First-time homebuyers (22-35 year olds) who want to avoid debt •  Mid-career folks seeking second homes •  Retirees looking to downsize
  5. 5. The Trend Towards Tiny Houses What are Tiny houses? •  Designed for four season living •  Typically, 200 to 400 square feet •  Can be built permanently on site, or kept on wheels
  6. 6. The Trend Towards Tiny Houses Tiny Houses on Wheels
  7. 7. The Trend Towards Tiny Houses Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens (1-3 people can live in them)
  8. 8. The Trend Towards Tiny Houses Make or Buy? •  Build Your Own ($2K - $40K) •  Or buy one ($10K - $100K)
  9. 9. The Trend Towards Tiny Houses How Tiny Houses can pay for themselves – •  AirBnb rentals of tiny houses: $100-$150/night •  Typical cost of financing a tiny house on wheels: $350 per month •  A tiny house can pay for itself if rented part- time via AirBnb for 3-5 days/month •  Depreciation advantages
  10. 10. Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles BUT – •  Many localities restrict or outlaw AirBnb •  Zoning laws usually allow only part time “camping” (not full-time living) in tiny houses on wheels •  Some localities prevent tiny houses from using rainwater, doing microfarming, and establishing “off grid” energy alternatives
  11. 11. Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles Building codes also frustrate tiny house innovations like these
  12. 12. 1. Find localities willing to change policies 2. Work with them to offer sites for development of new Tiny House Communities 3. Help tiny house owners prepare “crowdmoves” Our Response – Openworld Villages
  13. 13. Tiny Houses and Alt-Edu A ‘Next College’ option? •  Free tuition (online courses) •  Learn-by-doing projects (build your own home, make it sustainable) •  Diploma – a digital portfolio of your project work •  Graduation: your starter home!
  14. 14. Contacts Mark Frazier 202.257.2574