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Go Green India News



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Go Green India News

  1. 1. Go Green India is an initiative of Times Of India in collaboration with Govt. Of India. Go Green India organize an annual award function named Earth Care Awards and is also concerned about global warming. I pledge ! " I am working on upscaling my innovation"
  2. 2. Reuse bigger Ganesha idols, save lakes :Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) chairman Vamanacharya said people should not ignore the environment during the Ganesha festival, which falls on September 8 and 9. They should emulate Pune and start reusing the large Ganesha idols instead of immersing them. Across India
  3. 3. Green Agenda on track : The stage has been cleared for setting up a national institute and observatories for climate change studies ahead of negotiations for a new global agreement on the subject to be negotiated by 2015 Across India
  4. 4. Bhutan goes organic : Major changes are taking place in the agricultural system of the picturesque Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan - sandwiched between India and China. Across Saarc
  5. 5. 'Blue-green' revolution could boost food security in Bangladesh : A new method of farming is helping farmers in Bangladesh produce more food in less space, and could improve the country’s economy and food security in the face of climate change, a new report says. Across Saarc
  6. 6. 9 Wacky & Wild Ideas For Alternative Energy : Of course, you know about wind farms and solar power, right? But did you know that we can generate electricity from our human sewage waste? How about by creating tornadoes? Others have made dance floors that generate electricity for their nightclubs and genetically engineered bugs that actually poop out crude oil! Wild & Wacky
  7. 7. Largest seizure of critically endangered ploughshare tortoises made in thailand : Just a day after the close a global wildlife trade conference here, authorities at Suvarnabhumi International Airport made two big seizures, discovering hundreds of threatened tortoises and apprehending two smugglers. Among the tortoises seized were some of the rarest in the world. Wild & Wacky
  8. 8. Earth Hour 2013 Official Video Michael Jackson - Earth Song live