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Michael Wiles_Shakespeare Lovery



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Michael Wiles tries to constantly expand his experience in the arts, so as to improve his perspective.

Michael Wiles_Shakespeare Lovery

  1. 1. Michael Wiles | Shakespeare LoverMichael Wiles always felt that Shakespeare spoke to some true string of humanity that has remained poignant even after four hundred years. He has since worked for hundreds of theater companies over the ensuing fifteen years throughout California. Only Wiles always has a better reaction to his feelings of uncertainty and woe. He also works as a musical director and voice coach for up and coming musical actors. He figures that if the Prince of Denmark can have an existential crisis, he can have one too. After earning his BFA in acting from the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle in 1997, he moved to San Francisco to pursue his dream. Michael Wiles has read the complete works of Shakespeare three times, and every time he prepares for any part, he says he reads Hamlet, in order to rid himself of hesitancy and uncertainty. Wiles owes his start to Shakespeare. He also owes his continuing success to the Bard. Michael Wiles cannot get enough Shakespeare in his life.
  2. 2. Michael Wiles | Living DreamsMichael Wiles grew up in Helena, Montana and moved to Seattle to study acting not long after graduating high school. All the places he has gone—Hawaii, New York City, Seattle, Portland, Boise, Los Angeles, and more—has its own energy to it, he says. He now works in Sacramento as a casting director, musical director, and acting coach. Michael says that his experiences in different places helped him find the strength in himself to continue his career, even when hard times set in. After earning his BFA in acting from the Cornish College of the Arts, he moved to San Francisco to live his dream of being an actor. He wants to bring some of that energy with him whenever he has to head back home.
  3. 3. Michael Wiles | Cinematic Mind After some years of distinction in San Francisco, Michael Wiles moved north to Sacramento, where he now works as a vocal coach, casting director, and all around mentor for up and coming actors. Wiles says that his brief time with Smith on set made him appreciate the actor more, and made him fall in love with the stage all over again.
  4. 4. Michael Wiles | Music LoverMichael Wiles has to listen to rehearsals, recordings of past performances, individual singers, and more over and over. He says that the job suits him because of the hours he spends with headphones on analyzing performances and processing them analytically. He says that he wouldn’t have the ear he prides himself in if he hadn’t spent much of his youth listening to what his father listened to: the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Johnny Cash. Michael says that part of the reason he considers musical director his dream job is because of the amount of time he spends listening to music.
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