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True lead generation stories from michael brenner



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On July 13, 2010 Michael Brenner presented on a webinar entitled "Lead Programs That

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True lead generation stories from michael brenner

  1. Lead Generation That Works<br />5 Steps to Achieve Lead Generation ROI<br />Michael Brenner, Director of Online and Social Media<br />SAP Americas<br />July 13, 2010<br />
  2. What’s Wrong With Marketing?<br />
  3. Marketing: Help Sales Sell More Stuff<br />
  4. Focus on Customers<br />
  5. What Works and What Doesn’t<br />
  6. What Works? Integrated Online Marketing<br />The Scream explained by Paul Wineguy -<br />
  7. 5 Steps to Lead Generation That Works Today<br />1<br />Focus on the Goal<br />Set clear objectives aligned to sales priorities<br />2<br />Create Integrated Marketing Plans<br />Modeled off what has worked<br />3<br />Select Your Top PartnersPay-for-Performance and “shared pain”<br />4<br />Create and Run Your Best ContentHow well does it meet buyer needs?<br />5<br />Optimize Based on ConversionsUse the metrics identified in step 1<br />
  8. On The Horizon…Social Media<br />Bigger than email… <br />
  9. On the Horizon…Social Media<br />Bigger than search...<br />
  10. On The Horizon…Mobile Marketing<br />
  11. Question and Answer Session<br />To Connect with Michael Brenner:<br />Blog:<br />Twitter: @brennermichael<br />Linkedin:<br />To Connect with Chris Waldo:<br />Email:<br />Linkedin:<br />To Connect with Craig Rosenberg:<br />Blog:<br />Twitter: @funnelholic<br />LinkedIn:<br />To learn more about Focus:<br />Visit:<br />To contact Focus, please write to Sarah Miller:<br />
  12. True Lead Generation Stories: Firsthand Accounts On What Works and What Doesn’t <br />Michael Brenner, SAP<br />Chris Waldo, Ingersoll Rand<br />Craig Rosenberg, Focus<br />July 13th, 2010<br />

Editor's Notes

  • Hello. I want to start by quickly thanking Craig and his team for this opportunity. My name is Michael Brenner and I am the Director of Online and Social media Marketing for SAP Americas. My primary objective is to drive leads and sales pipeline for our regional sales and marketing teams. I started my career in sales for the Nielsen company and moved my way through product development and global marketing positions there before moving on to marketing leadership positions for 2 local companies here in the Philadelphia area. The 2 things that tie my experience together is a focus on customers and driving actions that produce results. So I am excited to share my thoughts today on Lead Gen programs that work.
  • Blue Sky…What color is our brand? Think big thoughts?! Sales people cannot even be in the same room with these kinds of marketers.
  • Whether we are driving leads and pipeline, developing new products or increasing customer engagement, we still need to remember that our job is to help sales sell more stuff
  • And today we can only do this by focusing on the customer, on delivering value to them. Interruption marketing is becoming less and less effective.
  • OK, so here is what I see working today…and what is not but these tactics should only be considered after an honest conversation with sales about what they want and how often they want it.
  • Nothing tops integrated online marketing programs that deliver compelling content that really touches our customers’ pains and emotions
  • So here are 5 easy steps to developing a lead generation program that works
  • Of course we cannot have a conversation today without mentioning social media. It IS important. Bigger than email and bigger than search, your customers are using social channels to make business decisions. But right now, it is not on the top of the list of things you can do today to generate more leads. My advice is to get involved now personally and professionally. Volunteer to drive social media at your companies. Become a user. Become an advocate. And begin to own your space in this increasingly social world.
  • And finally, the mobile internet. As you can see from this Morgan Stanley chart, the mobile internet is the hottest thing EVER. There is a perfect storm coming that includes the evolution of high-speed hand-held devices like the iPhone and iPad, the increasing role of social media and the generational shift that is happening in the marketplace. Mobile is the next big thing…Begin to think about how you would adjust your marketing plans to reach the mass of people that are increasingly using their mobile devices to conduct product searches….And with that, (next slide)
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