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Spring in Barcelona17 Walking tour3 Las Ramblas





La Rambla is a street in central Barcelona. A tree-lined pedestrian street, it stretches for 1.3 kilometres connecting Plaça de Catalunya in the centre with the Christopher Columbus Monument at Port Vell.

Spring in Barcelona17 Walking tour3 Las Ramblas

  1. 1. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities on Earth (there’s a reason illustrious directors like Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar shoot films here)
  2. 2. Bruno Quadras House originally a residential building from the 18th century in a corner of La Rambla, was reformed by Josep Vilaseca in the late 19th century, in his typical eclectic, pre- modernista style. The building was known for the umbrellas shop owned by Bruno Quadras that stood on the ground floor Plaça de Boqueria, Rambla no 82
  3. 3. Plaça de la Boqueria, 1
  4. 4. The Ramblas is serviced by three Metro stops along its length making it a superb transport point to see the rest of the city
  5. 5. Placa Reial
  6. 6. The Plaça Reial was designed by Francesc Daniel Molina i Casamajó in the 19th century On the plaza are a large number of restaurants and some of the city's most famous nightclubs It is a popular meeting place during the summer, during the annual La Mercè festival in September when open- air concerts take place, and during other celebrations such as New Year's Eve
  7. 7. In the centre of Placa Reial is a classically designed fountain where many people gather and take in the atmosphere. It’s known as the “Fountain of Three Graces“
  8. 8. The lanterns there were designed by Antoni Gaudí
  9. 9. The set of lamps Gaudi designed for the Barcelona council was the first work Gaudi was commissioned to do for the government of Barcelona
  10. 10. the lamppost is crowned by a Caduceus with two snakes and a winged helmet, symbols that represent Mercury, the Roman god of commerce
  11. 11. La Rambla is primarily pedestrianized with only two narrow one-way traffic roads which run on either side of the central Ramblas Boulevard Gobierno militar
  12. 12. Rambla de Santa Mònica, monument to Mary Santpere (1913-1992), a Spanish actress, singer. The monument is a bronze fountain that looks like the theater of Epidaurus
  13. 13. Monument to Mary Santpere (1913-1992) Around the sculpture are a series of friezes depicting scenes of the her life
  14. 14. Edifici Colón (also Torre Maritima) is an office skyscraper located in the district of Ciutat Vella, Avinguda de les Drassanes. It has 28 floors and stands at a height of 110 meters. Built in 1970, it was the first skyscraper above 100 metres built in Barcelona
  15. 15. Edifici Colón (also Torre Maritima)
  16. 16. Gobierno militar, Plaça Portal de la pau Sector Naval de Catalunya
  17. 17. The Port Authority building 1907, now the base of Rambla del Mar Aduana Building at Port Vell opened in 1902
  18. 18. The Port Authority building, 1907
  19. 19. Pla del Palau, Fountain of Catalan Genius (Font del Geni Català) and lamps by Gaudi
  20. 20. Lamp by Gaudi in Pla del Palau
  21. 21. The two lamps that are now before the building of the Old Customs respond to a simplified version of the streetlights of six branches that Gaudí designed for the Royal Square. Initially, there were two more in the bottom of the square, approximately where it is now the Faculty of Nautical
  22. 22. Onades (Waves) by Andreu Alfaro consists of a series of seven tubular steel arches that rise above the central section and the roads that connect the city with the quayside. The sculpture is 42 metres high and weighs 15 tonnes
  23. 23. The Rambla del Mar is a wooden walkway connecting the Portal de la Pau at the bottom of La Rambla with the Moll d'Espanya
  24. 24. The sights of Barcelona by boat on a Las Golondrinas boat cruise: a 9 mile tour of Barcelona’s port, setting sail from the Colom, passing the iconic sights of the city from the World Trade Centre, Castell de Monjuïc, the W Hotel and Maremagnum
  25. 25. The W Barcelona six-star hotel, popularly known as the Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel) due to its shape, is a building designed by Ricardo Bofill (height 98.8 m)
  26. 26. Port Vell is the harbour area of Barcelona
  27. 27. Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina, World Trade Centre and Torre Jaume I del Teleférico
  28. 28. The Rambla of the Sea was designed by Helio Piñon and Albert Viaplana, and came into use in September 1994
  29. 29. The Maremagnum is a shopping, restaurant and leisure complex located in the Barcelona's old port Maremagnum is at the end of Moll d'Espanya from where you can walk directly to Passeig Joan de Borbó and La Barceloneta
  30. 30. The Columbus Monument is a 60 m tall monument to Christopher Columbus at the lower end of La Rambla Pere Bertran and de Margarit (1455-1505), born in the Empordà, who accompanied Columbus on his second trip to America
  31. 31. The Columbus Monument was constructed for the Exposición Universal de Barcelona (1888) in honor of Columbus' first voyage to the Americas. The base of the circular floor of the Christopher Columbus monument has four stairways, each of which is flanked by two cast iron lions (Sculptor: Agapito Vallmitjana i Abarca)
  32. 32. Four hemispheres with seagulls holding winged figures, symbolizing Famas The figure of the admiral was sculpted by Rafael Atché
  33. 33. Fray Bernat de Boïl accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to America
  34. 34. Fray Bernat de Boïl catechizing an American Indian Castilla Catalunya
  35. 35. Catalunya
  36. 36. Aerial view over square Portal de la pau, Port Vell marina and Columbus Monument
  37. 37. Text: Internet Pictures: Sanda Foişoreanu Daniela Iacob Gabriela Balaban Internet All copyrights belong to their respective owners Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu Sound: Manuel Carrasco - Que bonito es querer; Que Nadie (with Malú ) 2019