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Food facts

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Food facts

  1. 1. FOOD FACTS
  2. 2. A horn worm can eat an entiretomato plant by itself in one day!
  3. 3. Why onions make us cry?
  4. 4. Cutting onions releases a gaswhich causes a stinging sensation when it comes into contact with your eyes. Your body produces tears to dilute the irritant and remove it from your eyes.
  5. 5. How can you avoid it?
  6. 6. Fried tarantulas, Cambodia
  7. 7. They were first discovered by starving Cambodians in the bloody, brutal days of the Khmer Rouge rule and have gone from being the vitalsustenance of these people to a delicacy tourists come far and wide to try.
  8. 8. Not all the apples are like these:
  9. 9. Look these ones! Rose apple (South Asia):It smells and tastes a lot like roses.Sugar Apple (Noi-na) (Thailand)
  10. 10. Why carbonated beverages are called “soft drinks” ?
  11. 11. It was referred to all beverages that did not contain significant amounts of alcohol (hard drinks).
  12. 12. Funny experiment with a soft drink:
  13. 13. Carrots used to be purple before the 17th century.
  14. 14. Eskimo ice cream (akutaq) from Alaskais neither icy, or creamy !
  15. 15. AKUTAQ RECIPE Ingredients •1 large whitefish •Vegetable Shortening •Sugar •Berries (blue or blackberries) Boil whitefish until done, Debone all fish andsqueeze all liquid from fish so its dry and fluffy,Then add the shortening and stir it in well. Then add sugar to taste. Add berries, Keep cool or freeze.
  16. 16. Only food that does not spoil: honey !!! “Sugar, ahhh honey honey you are my candy girl and you got me wanting you.”


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