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Winning With Video - Top Agency Video Success Secrets for Facebook & Instagram - Mari Smith & InVideo



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Want to make your digital agency more profitable and get better results for your clients? Whether you’re a solo social media professional, or a small to medium sized agency, this is for you!

Did you know video gets the best reach, engagement, and conversion rates on Facebook? It’s true. VIDEO on both Facebook and Instagram—both organic and paid—is more important than ever for you and your clients. In this special training lead live on Facebook I’m teaming up with my good friends at to walk you through:

✭ how to generate leads & revenue for your clients with video (using the highest ROI campaigns)
✭ the exact right type of video for every stage of the funnel (most people are missing this!)
✭ the 3 biggest bottlenecks for video (and how you can easily overcome them!)

Includes real examples from agencies/brands.

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Winning With Video - Top Agency Video Success Secrets for Facebook & Instagram - Mari Smith & InVideo

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 2 The CMO struggle: CMO’s are in the job role 3.5 years on average Lowest of all C-suite Lowest rate since 2009 Sources:
  3. 3. Why? 3 Because marketing today is CHALLENGING!!
  4. 4. VIDEO gets the best organic reach VIDEO gets the best engagement VIDEO gets the best conversion VIDEO is the most affordable ad unit Video views VIDEO is the best performing ‘top of funnel’ content 4 So, let’s SIMPLIFY!!
  5. 5. Image: REUTERS/Stephen Lam While there's a lot to do to improve News Feed, our roadmap for the Facebook app is very focused on a few priorities: STORIES, VIDEO, and a much bigger focus on COMMUNITIES and GROUPS. ~Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO
  6. 6. Sales funnel TOFU = top of funnel Cold audience (unknown) MOFU = middle of funnel Warm audience (leads) BOFU = bottom of funnel Hot audience (prospects à convert to customers) 6 Video for every stage of the funnel
  7. 7. COLD Audience WARM Audience HOT Audience
  8. 8.
  9. 9. 30-60 seconds Facebook Playbook for video success Capture attention instantly; brand/logo/message within the first 3 seconds Build awareness Cold/warm audience Core essence of what the entire campaign is about Engaging; people connect with the video(s) because of the overall value… specifically an emotional connection 9 TOP of funnel VIDEOS
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Example TOFU
  12. 12. 15-30 seconds Warm/hot audience Tie in the narrative with how your product/service serves that narrative! 95% of visuals used in your MOFU video should come from TOFU or you’ll lose your audience… 12 MIDDLE of funnel VIDEOS
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Example MOFU
  15. 15. 5-15 seconds Warm/hot audience Your audience is already familiar with you/your brand/this campaign You don’t need to repeat what you did before, the visuals simply help anchor You’ll use the same/similar visuals as TOFU/MOFU (a subset) Retarget! 15 BOTTOM of funnel VIDEOS
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Example BOFU
  18. 18. 3 BIG Bottlenecks! 18 (reasons why you get stuck making video content for your clients!)
  19. 19. COST, TIME, EFFORT Also, client approval cycle Traditional video = go out and do a custom shoot Video crew, gear, production, video editor, etc. Can take weeks, months even Expenses add up 19 3 blocks to video success:
  20. 20. Use a powerful, online video creation tool! = total video funnel solution 4,000 templates for every use case 1M+ Premium photos & videos (Shutterstock) Intuitive & powerful editor with the world’s first intelligent video assistant ‘IVA’ Speed & economy of creating professional videos for your clients Easily try out 3-4 lean marketing iterations 20 THE SOLUTION
  21. 21. HelloFresh UK Example TOFU/MOFU/BOFU
  22. 22. Porsche Canada Example TOFU/MOFU/ BOFU
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Create stunning videos across use-cases in under 10 mins! InVideo was voted the #1 Product of the week on Product Hunt. Voted the easiest video creation platform in the world beating products like Adobe as per this survey by G2 Crowd. 24 InVideo
  25. 25. Add auto text to speech in every major language and multiple accents that solves for not being able to record a professional VO!! 24*7 live support and a Facebook community of more than 5000 marketers and solopreneurs that share ideas and inspiration so you’re never alone on this journey All of this starting at just $5 a month if billed annually 25 InVideo à
  26. 26. Price = just $5/mo 24*7 LIVE support Built-in intelligence Article-to-video 26 InVideo
  27. 27. Mari’s Friends SAVE 50%! The World’s Easiest Video Tool! 27