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Facebook Video Ranking Updates - What Marketers Need To Know - by Mari Smith



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Facebook Video Ranking Updates — what marketers need to know. Plus, key insights around video and Facebook from Social Media Examiner’s brand new Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

Facebook just changed how the platform ranks VIDEO. Facebook's focus is on ORIGINAL content. Repurposed content will be demoted.

See this companion Facebook Live:

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**RESOURCES mentioned in this session**
Facebook's officialVideo Ranking Update:

Facebook's Understanding Video Distribution:

See if you qualify for video ad break monetization:

Social Media Examiner's 11th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report:

Mari Smith's video gear & video success kit:

Join the 7 Day Video Challenge -- learn how to optimize your video content:
Mari Smith & Wave VIDEO CHALLENGE Group

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Facebook Video Ranking Updates - What Marketers Need To Know - by Mari Smith

  1. 1. @marismith @mari_smith 1@marismith @mari_smith@marismith @mari_smith Facebook Video Ranking Updates What Marketers Need To Know MARI SMITH – Premier Facebook Marketing Expert CEO, Mari Smith International, Inc.
  2. 2. @marismith @mari_smith 2@marismith @mari_smith@marismith @mari_smith
  3. 3. @marismith @mari_smith 3@marismith @mari_smith Facebook just changed how the platform ranks VIDEO. Facebook's focus is on ORIGINAL content. Repurposed content will be demoted. Video Ranking Change
  4. 4. @marismith @mari_smith Facebook’s Video Focus
  5. 5. @marismith @mari_smith 5@marismith @mari_smith 3 types of people: 1. Video creators 2. Media companies 3. Users Facebook wants to help…
  6. 6. @marismith @mari_smith 6@marismith @mari_smith 1. “talented video creators find their audience and build profitable video businesses on Facebook” 2. “media companies — whether large, small, global, or local — to continue their invaluable work” 3. And, above all, Facebook wants to help: "people on Facebook discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them" Facebook wants to help:
  7. 7. @marismith @mari_smith 3 Facebook Video Ranking Factors
  8. 8. @marismith @mari_smith 8@marismith @mari_smith 1. Loyalty and intent 2. Video and viewing duration 3. Originality These 3 video ranking factors are not new… …but Facebook is now 'strengthening their influence among the multiple factors that determine video distribution' Important…
  9. 9. @marismith @mari_smith 9@marismith @mari_smith Facebook will give more ranking weight to videos that Facebook users proactively seek out to watch and return to watch week after week. 1. Loyalty and intent
  10. 10. @marismith @mari_smith 10@marismith @mari_smith Previously, Facebook wanted videos to capture viewers' attention for at least 1 minute. Now, Facebook is giving more weight in ranking to videos that are at least *3 minutes* long. 2. Video and viewing duration
  11. 11. @marismith @mari_smith 11@marismith @mari_smith Video creators and media companies need to focus on creating original content. Videos that repurpose content from other sources 'with limited or immaterial added value' will see strongly limited distribution. Pages involved in 'sharing schemes' will be demoted. 3. Originality
  12. 12. @marismith @mari_smith What Should Marketers Do?
  13. 13. @marismith @mari_smith 13@marismith @mari_smith Create and share ORIGINAL videos Make videos of 3 minutes+ That inspire viewers to watch to the end Optimize videos for SEARCH Add clear titles, descriptions, & tags Inspire meaningful ENGAGEMENT Get your videos to rank higher:
  14. 14. @marismith @mari_smith 14@marismith @mari_smith 3 Minutes Long! h/t Lisa Monks 14
  15. 15. @marismith @mari_smith 15@marismith @mari_smith We prioritize content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between real people. To do this, we increase distribution for videos that inspire friend-to- friend or person-to-person interactions. Engagement
  16. 16. @marismith @mari_smith 16@marismith @mari_smith Increased distribution of videos that are shared. Shares remain one of Facebook’s most powerful tools for organic distribution. Shares
  17. 17. @marismith @mari_smith 17@marismith @mari_smith …you wrote, shot, edited and published yourself or with the support of a production partner. Make sure your Page is participating as much as possible in the creation of the videos you post. Use footage that can’t be found elsewhere on Facebook. Publish videos that…
  18. 18. @marismith @mari_smith 18@marismith @mari_smith Make meaningful enhancements: You can use content from other sources in your posts as long as you increase its value through creative editing, voiceover or commentary. These enhancements must be meaningful - simply stitching together clips or adding a watermark does not qualify as a meaningful enhancement. Add valuable editing
  19. 19. @marismith @mari_smith Plus, Highlights from Social Media Examiner’s 11th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  20. 20. @marismith @mari_smith 20@marismith @mari_smith@marismith @mari_smith Engagement (p6) Top question Video channels (p27) YouTube & Facebook Video lengths (p28) 80% create <3mins! Video orientation (p29) Horizontal! Live video (p30) 43% not using yet!
  21. 21. @marismith @mari_smith 21@marismith @mari_smith distribution-on-facebook guidelines-to-promote-original-content-loyal-and-engaged-viewership/ industry-report-2019/ Resources

Editor's Notes

  • ZUCK Q3 2018: “Video is a critical part of the future, it's what our community wants, and as long as we can make it social I think it will end up being a large part of our business as well.”
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  • Facebook is ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to become the next generation streaming digital television.

    The merging of first screen and second screen.
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