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Open More Doors to Opportunity



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Run Multiple Loan Type Offers Simultaneously with Pre-Screen Loan Prospecting
Prescreen prospecting is easier than you think!

Targeted data is available for refinance offers and new loan acquisitions. You determine the credit requirements (FICO scores, equity, LTV, etc.) your borrowers need to meet for your financial institution, and only purchase the leads that meet your requirements.

Are you looking for more:
• Auto Loans?
• Mortgage Loans?
• HELOC and Home Equity Loans?
• Auto & Mortgage Refinancing?
• Credit Cards and Balance Transfers?

You can also use pre-screen prospecting to:
• Acquire new account holders
• Increase loan revenue from existing account owners

LKCS can help from concept to completion. We will even run counts at no charge to determine the cost of your prescreen marketing campaign. When your marketing is focused on the right individuals, your results will improve!


About LKCS:
LKCS provides financial institutions with marketing, graphic design, commercial printing, mailing, internet development, e-marketing, newsletter production, database and one-to-one marketing, statement processing, e-statements and transpromotional marketing services. Our clients have counted on us for unrivaled experience, excellent quality, competitive pricing and superior service for over sixty years.

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Open More Doors to Opportunity

  1. 1. MARKETING | DIGITAL | PRINT & MAIL | STATEMENTS Credit Based Marketing Open More Doors to Opportunity!
  2. 2. LKCS 2
  3. 3. Pre-Screen Data 3 • Targeted data is available for refinance offers and new loan acquisitions.  Auto Loans  Mortgage Loans  HELOC and Home Equity Loans  Auto and Mortgage Refinancing  Credit Cards and Balance Transfers  Personal Loans
  4. 4. What is Credit Prospecting? 4 • Credit Prospecting  Proactive marketing that targets account holders and/or prospects  Target refinance opportunities  Target new loan opportunities  All based on actual Credit Bureau data!
  5. 5. Credit Bureau Data 5 • Purchasing Actual Data from the Credit Bureaus  LKCS has relationships that enable us to provide data from the major credit bureaus.  Not all bureaus have information on all people – it is important to source data from multiple bureaus.  Up to 70% increase in leads when pulling data from three bureaus as opposed to one.  No additional cost to obtain data from multiple bureaus.
  6. 6. Data Available from All Three Bureaus 6 • Select which of the credit bureau(s) you want to receive data from.  Even though you may prefer to work with one bureau in particular, account holders may be shopping with a company that uses a different bureau.  Benefit from “incremental lift” by adding additional bureaus. # of Inquiries
  7. 7. Data Aggregation Overview 7 • LKCS multi sources credit and non-credit data creating a very unique compilation of data. • Financial Services-centric and significant incremental advantages.
  8. 8. Using Credit Data 1. Specify Your Lending Guidelines • Only market to prospects and account holders meeting your specific credit criteria (ie – FICO Score, LTV, Credit History, etc.). 2. Firm Offers of Credit • Credit data can only be used when you are extending credit offers. More on this later… • Must be compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. • LKCS helps with this! 8
  9. 9. Firm Offers of Credit 9 • When using Credit Bureau data, marketing materials must include:  Indications that the recipient is pre-selected, pre-screened, pre-approved, or pre-qualified.  Terms and conditions; eligibility requirements.  Including why credit may not be extended after all.  Minimum dollar amount for which the recipient has been qualified.  Opt-out notice and disclosure.
  10. 10. Credit Prospecting Campaigns 10 • Extend pre-approved offers of credit to account holders and non-account holders based on actual credit score information.  Set criteria to identify recipients that will qualify for a loan offer based on your specific pre-screen requirements.  Send direct mail loan offers, e-mail offers, statement- based campaigns and make outbound phone calls to qualified account holder and non-account holder prospects.  And, of course, you can utilize the DataFlex reporting engine to measure the results of these campaigns!
  11. 11. Potential Credit Prospecting Campaigns 11 • Leverage credit data to generate loans. • There are just a few EXAMPLES.  Be creative – brainstorm campaigns that make sense for your institution. • ADJUST as needed.  Adjust the credit parameters, etc. as needed to fit your lending guidelines and goals.
  12. 12. Potential Campaigns – AUTO REFIS 12 • Lease Expirations  FICO Scores 640+  Exclude auto lates/repo’s  1-3 months left on their current lease • Loan Payoff  FICO Scores 640+  Exclude auto lates/repo’s  Loan Balance is greater than $5,000  Minimum $XX savings on monthly payment
  13. 13. Potential Campaigns (cont.) 13 • Credit Card – Balance Transfer  FICO Scores 620+  Revolving balance above $10,000  Using 30% – 70% of credit limit  No current late payments • Conventional Mortgage  FICO Scores 680+  Mortgage Balance $100K+  No FHA/VA/Reverse mortgages  Age of loan greater than 24 months old  Up to 95% LTV
  14. 14. Samples Campaigns 14 • Direct Mailer
  15. 15. Samples Campaigns 15 • Personalized Letter or Statement Cover Letter
  16. 16. Samples Campaigns 16 • E-Mail Marketing
  17. 17. What’s the Cost? 17 • Credit Prospecting – Pricing Depends on Several Factors:  Number of records purchased  Demographic selects purchased  Credit bureau minimum charges  Setup charges • FREE List Counts and Estimates  LKCS will run counts to determine the feasibility and cost of your next pre-screen marketing campaign.
  18. 18. Credit Prospecting vs. Credit Alerting 18 • Credit Prospecting  Proactive marketing that targets account holders and/or prospects who already have a loan OR have a potential to buy. • Credit Alerting  Reactive marketing that targets account holders who are currently in the market for a loan product.
  19. 19. Credit Alerting 19 • Here’s What Happens:  When your account holder applies for credit ANYWHERE, an inquiry is posted to his or her credit file.  These inquiries are categorized according to the type of financial product the account holder is seeking: mortgage loan, auto loan, installment loan, or credit card.  Your account holder database is cross-referenced DAILY with these inquiries and a “lead” is generated each time there is a match with the credit file. • Respond with a firm offer of credit immediately after receiving the lead.
  20. 20. Credit Alerting 20 • Select which category(ies) of inquiry(ies) you wish to target. • Leads are then pre-screened using your qualification criteria.  Criteria can be based on numerous attributes including credit score, debt loan, etc. • Daily alerts come in one file, and contain info from all three bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian).  LKCS provides you with a list of leads and fulfills any direct mail and/or e-mail offers on the same day.
  21. 21. What’s the Cost? 21 • Credit Alerting  Based on number of account holders and/or prospects screened each month.  Setup Charges • FREE Opportunity Analysis  LKCS will review your account holder credit activity over the past 30 days and provide you with the following data: credit activity by inquiry type, state and credit bureau, as well as qualification rates using your specific qualification criteria!
  22. 22. Credit Alerting Case Study Results 22 • Average Loan Size of $150,000 • Front-end and back-end revenue of 2.5% - 3.0% Quantity Monitored Monthly Mortgage Trigger Rate (1% after pass criteria) Contact Rate Contact to Close Rate Monthly Number of New Loans Revenue Per Month Estimated Credit Alerting Cost Per Month Revenue Per Marketing Dollar Spent 15,000 150 30% 10% 5 $20,625 $1,800 $12 50,000 500 30% 10% 15 $61,875 $3,750 $17 100,000 1,000 30% 10% 30 $123,750 $5,500 $23
  23. 23. THANK YOU! • Questions/Comments Tim Turczyn Senior Sales Executive Direct: 815-220-3907 23