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Hercules Lessons- Leadership & Management

  2. 2. DON'T GET TRAPPED IN THE HURDLES Whenever you found yourself trapped in the hurdles(difficulties) of life, don't get demoralized about the things that are going against you. Try to remind the great legends of heroes and their legacy that will empower you to give your best to tackle the current situation successfully. In the movie, Hercules & his army was cleverly trapped by the enemy in village. But Hercules doesn't allow the enemy to dominate him by using defensive strategy on time.
  3. 3. TRY TO RESOLVE/CORRECT MISTAKE  Whenever you realize that you have committed a mistake then try to accept it & make possible efforts to correct it.  Mistakes are like small loop holes if it is fixed on time then it will prevent you from huge loss in future. If you ignored that then it will stick with you till it you fall. In the movie, Hercules came to know about the king Cortis who had miss guided him for immoral activity.
  4. 4. LEAD WITH YOUR HEART  Strategies plan with mind but, lead people with heart that will bring trust among team-mates.  In the movie, Hercules took on his feats in a sincere manner t help the people around him. He did what he thought to be right & he threw himself entirely into it.  As a result: wining the hearts of the people & gaining a loyal group of followers who will be there to end & beyond.
  5. 5. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH STRONG & TALENTED PEOPLE  Surround yourself with knowledgeable & skillful people will guide further & shares their knowledge & skill to enhance our own capabilities.  In the movie, Hercules was well aware of the fact that he cannot win the battle in isolation, so he needs a team of skillful warrior to deal with demanding war post ion and roles.
  6. 6. LET YOUR PEOPLE TO DO THEIR THINGS  In a team a leader should assign jobs according to the specialization of people which brings most favorable outcome.  In the movie, it is shown that Hercules trust his team-mate( warrior) & let them fight in his own way to complement(synchronized) each other.
  7. 7. BE SPECIFIC TO YOUR PLANS  A effort is valuable till it is made in the direction of goal.  A non-uniform & non coordinated effort bears nothing for a team.  In the movie, "Amphiraus" always says that god gives us hints only & we have to make specific efforts to correct or achieve that thing
  8. 8. UNDERSTANDING THE STRENGTH IMBIBED WITHIN YOURSELF & OTHERS  A person who doesn't know about himself(strength & weakness) who can't compete others.  A person who is aware of his strength can improvise it into a unbeatable weapon & reduce his weakness to a level of extent that it will (others will not be able exploit his weakness) not bring any harm for him.
  9. 9. MAKE ALWAYS BACKUP PLANS  A good leader make alternative plans to reduce uncertainty.  This world is full of uncertainty therefore each plan have limited utility.  In the movie, When Hercules and his army reached the village they caught himself in trapped in enemy plan. Therefore they were using defensive strategy to(wall or shield) save the life of king and soldier. But he was continuously losing his soldier , so he call back his companions(friend) to save the wall and king. And himself he was riding horse-cart around the wall to kill the enemy soldier.
  10. 10. WAIT FOR RIGHT OPPORTUNITY  A person have limited opportunity with limited resources, therefore do not reveal your all talent or plan (playing cards) in the front of enemy.  Hercules cleverly hides his long rage warrior(archers) in forest & let the enemy to get wrong information(less No. of soldier) and become relaxed or casual about their approach which ultimately bring failure for him.
  11. 11. TARGET THE ENEMIE'S WEAKNESS FIRST  Hitting the vital organs of the enemy cause to be immobilized.  Giving maximum damage to the enemy at instance will stuck them into fear & therefore they won't able to make come back again.  In the movie, Hercules logically tar getting the vital & vulnerable organs of the enemy.
  12. 12. TARGETS THOSE ENEMY'S TO WHOM WE CAN RECEIVE MAXIMUM DAMAGE OR LOSS  We have to prioritize work according to their need of importance & try to fulfill those work which have most negative outcome when it is not completed on time.  In the movie, Hercules directs the archers to target the horseman first to avoid possible higher damage from them.
  13. 13. MOTIVATES YOUR TEAM MEMBER WHEN NEEDED  A good leader motivate his team-mate(follower) toward his goal.  Not losing hope means that you not failed till.  In the movie, Hercules gives inspirational speech to motivate the soldiers who were afraid by seeing the huge army of enemy.
  14. 14. SOMETIME YOU HAVE TO DEFEND & SOME TIME TO ATTACK  Sometime a person has to defend himself while everyone making finger toward him, it doesn't means that he is coward but, he is trying to get a chance to prove himself.  And sometime a person has to leave his protective shield and has to made attack to further to achieve his objective.  In the movie , Hercules ordered the soldiers to make wall(shield) around the king when they were surprisingly caught in enemy trap.  And finally he made précised & deadly attack on the enemy when he had no way left because he was continuously losing his soldier in defensive
  15. 15. MANAGEMENT LESSONS FROM MOVIE  PLANNING  Spreading false statement about winning campaigns of Hercules.  Prepared himself and his army before jumping into war.  Prepared number of strategies for various roles and positions in the war.  Keep important playing cards for surprise .(hided archers)  Making multiple complementary plans.  Targeting key soldiers.(horseman)
  16. 16. Conti……  ORGANIZING  Providing technique behind one to one combat.  Safety of own his first priority. (using best armor)  Assigning his best warrior at different demanding places.  STAFFING  Trained and guided the soldiers.
  17. 17. Conti……  DIRECTING  He Directed the soldiers to make wall around king to protect him in the war with villagers.  He Directed soldiers to fire weapons in a pre-planned sequence .(archer’s first & then warrior)  CONTROLLING  He motived his soldiers by the way of inspiring speech because they were in fear of huge enemy soldiers.  He changed the technique of fighting when he lossed his half soldiers in village.
  18. 18. NEGATIVE ASPECTS ABOUT HERCULES  undertaking jobs for personal benefits without knowing the consequences.(works for gold)  Easily trust others.(trapped in emotional blackmail of Cortis’s daughter)