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SXSW Next Gen Responsive Design



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This introduction to a standing-room only SXSW 2014 panel on responsive design illustrates our need to think beyond desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It also highlights some of the problems in our still nascent responsive design and development processes.

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SXSW Next Gen Responsive Design

  1. #RWDnextgen SXSW 2014
  2. Kerry Bodine Author & industry analyst @kerrybodine Mike Norman VP Technology, Genuine Interactive @mnorman78 Chris Saint-Amant Manager, UI Engineering, Netflix @csaintamant Tim Hayden Author & social anthropologist @TheTimHayden Panel organizer: #RWDnextgen
  3. Kerry Bodine Author & industry analyst @kerrybodine #RWDnextgen
  4. We need to be prepared for every screen. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  5. ##RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: BI Intelligence 1 in 5 people in the world own a PC smart phone 1 in 17 people in the world own a tablet
  6. ##RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: 7,217,995,578 people in the world 424,587,975 tablets 1,443,599,116 PCs & smartphones
  7. ##RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: Doberman
  8. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  9. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: GestureTek
  10. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  11. 22 million digital signs by 2015 #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: Intel
  12. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  13. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  14. 171 million wearables by 2016 #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: IHS
  15. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  16. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine 25 billion Internet-connected devices by 2015 #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine Source: Cisco 50 billion Internet-connected devices by 2020
  17. Our processes need to continue to evolve. #RWDnextgen
  18. @kerrybodine #RWDnextgenSource: Doberman
  19. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  20. #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  21. marketer / client designer developer #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  22. content comps code marketer / client designer developer #RWDnextgen@kerrybodine
  23. #RWDnextgen SXSW 2014