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Corona Marketing - What Marketers Need to Do Now to Survive the Crisis



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Joe Pulizzi shares seven key strategies that marketers need to employ now to survive this recession. The seven strategies include:
1. Revisit Your Content Tilt
2. Plan for Multiple Lines of Revenue
3. Do One Great Thing
4. Reimagine Your Enewsletter
5. Steal Talent
6. Steal Audience
7. Prepare Now for the Asset Sale

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Corona Marketing - What Marketers Need to Do Now to Survive the Crisis

  1. The Third Stage of Content Marketing
  3. Revisit Your Content Tilt
  4. Content Tilt Area of little to no competition that gives you a chance to break through.
  5. Audience
  6. Audience = Pet Owners
  7. Audience = Homeowners who like to travel with their dogs in RVs.
  8. Story Positioning
  9. Platform
  10. Subject Matter
  11. We have a knitting blog
  12. Prepare Multiple Lines of Revenue
  13. Do One Great Thing
  14. The greatest media companies of all time started on one platform.
  15. Content Energy
  16. Blog Podcast Research eNews Social Event ContentEnergy
  17. Blog Podcast Research eNews Social Event ContentEnergy Great Line
  18. eNews Podcast ContentEnergy
  19. eNews Podcast ContentEnergy Great Line
  20. Reimagine Your Enewsletter
  21. Is your enewsletter amazing?
  22. - Consistent - Valuable - Exclusive
  23. Steal Talent
  24. Contract/Hire Talent Directly
  25. Media Partnerships
  26. Steal Audience
  27. Ask Nothing of Influencers
  28. @JoePulizzi |
  29. @JoePulizzi |
  30. Prepare Now for the Asset Sale
  31. Link to article on how to buy media assets • Or F&W bankruptcy just had a fire sale, practically giving away all of their amazing content brands.
  32. Start Making Your List Today
  33. - Target Audience - Number of Email Subscribers - Known Revenue Sources - Key Contact and Position
  34. Revisit Your Content Tilt Plan for Multiple Lines of Revenue Do One Great Thing Reimagine Your Enewsletter Steal Talent Steal Audience Prepare Now for the Asset Sale
  35. Q&A

Editor's Notes

  • You can bet that anyone in a position of power in your company has no frickin clue about content marketing. Content Marketing Programs don’t get killed because of a lack of results, they get killed because the people with the purse strings in your company just don’t get it. They have no idea what you are doing. You want to keep your program? Start your own content effort to your executive team and tell them about the benefits of content marketing…every week without stop.
  • Here’s my big six. Right now, they allow our content on their platforms, because it’s good for their business. But there will come a time in the next few years where it doesn’t…where they will more and more be blocking our content…and trading it in for their own or creating algorithms even more than they are right now, give special status to a select few.
  • Okay…so let’s hedge your bets. Internal selling is a must, but so is revenue diversification.
  • $260 million in branded ecommerce sales, up from 130 million. This is a media company folks.
  • Tripled revenue since 2016. Almost covering entire costs of operation. Chart of CC’s model

    ·         Display ad revenue (both direct and programmatic) – this is by far the biggest (seven figures per year)
    ·         Sponsored content packages (directly sold, primarily on ConsultQD/physician content side of things and mostly tied to medical meetings/conference campaigns)
    ·         Syndication revenue
    ·         Content creation projects (like Google)
    ·         Increases brand awareness and patient volumes
    ·         Consulting opportunities as result of the success
    Hope that helps? Let me know if you need anything else.
    I’ve totally blown up my team and have a new operation focused on increasing revenue. Goal is to 5x traffic and ad revenue in the next 3 years. Looking at traffic data differently now too – ComScore data is the key now… Kinda crazy. Really building out our “media organization” within the enterprise. I’m now responsible for content across the entire Cleveland Clinic website. J
  • Mailchimp recently launched a collection of content meant to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit. I love mailchimp. I’m a customer.
  • All in, they launched 9 different shows, including documentaries, podcast, film series and more. And I’m almost 100% sure this is going to go down in flames.
  • Good line…generally mediocre at best. This is most of us.
  • Here’s the great line.
  • You actually give yourself a chance to produce 10x content.
  • 15 Years ago…started with just a blog and an enewsletter.
  • Buzzfeed’s enewsletter saved their business and launched their ecommerce business.
  • Leveraging social media to pull subscribers into their 100+ different email newsletters, and now has 4.7 million subscribers, adding 200k per quarter. This is where we need to go.
  • Computer hardware manufacturer Raspberry PI wanted to start a custom PC and photography magazine. Instead of starting from zero, they want out and purchased them from Dennis Publishing.
  • Arrow Electronics wanted to build the largest audience in the B2B electronics space. Instead of launch a massive undertaking, they bought there way there.
  • Bought by who? This could have been Pepsi or 5 Hour Energy.
    But they were never even considered, because no one is thinking about this. It’s madness.
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