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Kick Your Social Strategy Into Overdrive: The Ins & Outs of Testing Social



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How do you ensure that your social strategy is on the right path? By measuring, of course! In this session, you'll see how to use the data you already have to continually test and improve your social strategy. You can't count on industry stats to work for your community, so you must test, test, and then re-test to make social work for you.

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Kick Your Social Strategy Into Overdrive: The Ins & Outs of Testing Social

  1. By Jennifer Sable Lopez! Director of Community at Moz! @jennita! The Ins & Outs of Testing Social
  2. You’re on the right networks (For your community)
  3. You’re on the right networks You’ve gained a following
  4. You’re on the right networks You’re ready to go into overdrive
  5. You’re on the right networks Where do you start?
  6. Don’t stop here. ?
  7. Don’t stop here.
  8. For best results? Use your own data.
  9. What’s the best time of day to _____?
  10. @jennita #mpb2b! Send a tweet? Tweet #1! Tweet #2!
  11. @jennita #mpb2b! When are you active? Tweet #1! Tweet #2!
  12. @jennita #mpb2b! You can also use Twitter Analytics
  13. @jennita #mpb2b! Post to Facebook? “The average number of your fans who saw any posts on Facebook by day of the week.”!
  14. @jennita #mpb2b! A wee bit more helpful?
  15. Notice a trend?! Try PageLever Now
  16. @jennita #mpb2b! Or SimplyMeasured
  17. @jennita #mpb2b! Publish a blog post? Publishing time 2-3am Pacific!
  18. @jennita #mpb2b! Test a different time Publishing time ~Midnight Pacific!
  19. @jennita #mpb2b! When do you get the most clicks?
  20. What type of content gets the best engagement?
  21. @jennita #mpb2b! Use Facebook Insights Largest Reach Most Engagement
  22. @jennita #mpb2b! In May 2013… We were posting more links…! But our photos had better engagement!!
  23. @jennita #mpb2b! And in October 2013 We had started posting more photos! Plus we started adding just text posts !
  24. In March 2014 We were still posting more photos…! But look at the engagement on Links!! @jennita #mpb2b!
  25. @jennita #mpb2b! Now, In September 2014 We started posting more links again.! And now text gets highest engagement.!
  26. @jennita #mpb2b! And Twitter? What gets retweeted?!
  27. Content w/ the most reach!
  28. @jennita #mpb2b! Well hello, Google+
  29. @jennita #mpb2b! Well hello, Google+ Google+ posts with most engagement!
  30. Now, measure that engagement!
  31. Conversation Rate Applause Rate Amplification Rate Number of Audience Comments (or Replies) Per Post Number of Favorites/Likes/Plusses Per Post Number of Retweets/Shares/Clicks Per Post
  32. @jennita ! TrueSocialMetrics
  33. Relative engagement metrics @jennita #mpb2b!
  34. Capture numbers weekly @jennita #mpb2b!
  35. Create a dashboard metrics-that-matter! @jennita #mpb2b!
  36. Tell everyone about it @jennita #mpb2b!!
  37. What changes month over month? Twitter Engagement J! @jennita #mpb2b!
  38. How do the networks compare? Facebook Engagement L! @jennita #mpb2b!
  39. Check individual posts, too @jennita #mpb2b!
  40. Try some of your own tests
  41. @jennita #mpb2b! Use location to “A/B” test FB posts We picked 2 cities with similar number of fans + in same time zone.!
  42. @jennita #mpb2b! We picked the cities And we made sure they had similar engagement on our page!
  43. @jennita #mpb2b! 2 cities, same content: Image vs. Link We posted at the exact same time. !
  44. @jennita #mpb2b! Text won? Time to test more! 671 saw post! 2 shares! 5 likes! 347 saw post! 0 shares! 1 like! Link Post! Image Post!
  45. Who are *my* influencers?
  46. @jennita #mpb2b! Google Ripples!
  47. @jennita #mpb2b! TrueSocialMetrics Find out who is most engaged: Top repliers, sharers and likers!
  48. @jennita #mpb2b! Bitly!
  49. @jennita #mpb2b! Twitter Card Analytics
  50. How can the negatives help?
  51. Followerwonk
  52. Spammers or real people?
  53. @jennita #mpb2b! Facebook unlikes? What happened here?!
  54. @jennita #mpb2b! Too many posts?
  55. Check on your competitors
  56. Rival IQ @jennita #mpb2b!
  57. Rival IQ @jennita #mpb2b!
  58. Rival IQ Alerts @jennita #mpb2b!
  59. Not much data to start with? Use a study as a base.
  60. @jennita #mpb2b!
  61. @jennita #mpb2b! This is definitely more like Moz Community But, what works for YOU?
  62. @jennita! facebook-send-emails-publish-blogposts A good place to start
  63. Test. Figure out what works, then test again.
  64. Make Social work for you.
  65. Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita Thank You
  66. Free/Freemium Tools Mentioned Bitly Buffer Facebook FollowerWonk Simply Measured TrueSocialMetrics Twitter
  67. Paid Tools Mentioned SproutSocial Unified (aka PageLever) platform/insights/