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Meet the SlideShare Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007



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Quick introduction to our new toy ... the SlideShare Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007. It lets you use most features of SlideShare (drum roll please) from within PowerPoint

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Meet the SlideShare Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007

  1. 1. meet the SlideShare ribbon in PowerPoint 2007 Brought to you by
  2. 2. Do you create presentations in PowerPoint...
  3. 3. and share on SlideShare? Publish » Convert Login » Upload file » ...this does involve a few steps :)
  4. 4. Now you can cut to the chase...
  5. 5. share ...and instantly with the world from PowerPoint!
  6. 6. Install the SlideShare ribbon for PowerPoint.
  7. 7. After creating your presentation, just quot;Publishquot; from the
  8. 8. To update your presentation, just publish again.
  9. 9. Looking for inspiration for your next
  10. 10. Something to get the creative juices flowing?
  11. 11. You can search SlideShare presentations...
  12. 12. ...preview
  13. 13., open and edit them
  14. 14. View presentations from your SlideShare contacts and groups
  15. 15. Look up your
  16. 16. You can even post to Twitter and FriendFeed
  17. 17. In fact, you can manage all your SlideShare presentations.
  18. 18. All from within PowerPoint!
  19. 19. Powerpoint gets the SlideShare edge! “The world's largest presentation sharing community is now accessible from within the world's most popular presentation- creation software”
  20. 20. With love from
  21. 21. Get the SlideShare Download Now!