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Jack Ryger: Top 5 Skiing Resorts in Switzerland

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Jack Ryger, long-time skier, gives a list of recommendations of where to go skiing in Switzerland and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the Alps.

Jack Ryger: Top 5 Skiing Resorts in Switzerland

  1. 1. T O P 5 S K I I N G R E S O RT S I N S W I T Z E R L A N D C R E A T E D B Y J A C K RY G E R
  2. 2. • Are you an experienced or expert skier looking for your next, new ski resort to hit this winter? • Travel to Switzerland to experience the beauty of the country while enjoying some of the best and most beautiful slopes in the world.
  3. 3. • Here is a countdown of five of the country’s resorts to visit this winter if you’re still deciding your vacation (most are on the more expensive side, but they’re worth the price) …
  4. 4. V E R B I E R • Though particularly popular with its French-speaking clientele, all are still welcomed to Verbier with its network of cable cars and gondolas giving you convenient access to more resorts including Veysonnaz and La Tzoumaz. # 1
  5. 5. • After you day skiing, you can relax and enjoy some of the most creative and delicious cuisine. • If you’re also a food connoisseur then this is your resort as the others serve simple and typical ski resort menus.
  6. 6. S T. M O R I T Z • Having more of an Austrian influence compared to the other resorts on this list, St. Mortiz showcases authentic medieval architecture including folkloric fixtures, hand-carved paneling, and local granite throughout. # 2
  7. 7. • There are slopes for all levels here. • The Corvigilia, located just above St. Moritz is the most suitable for new or beginner skiers. • If you’re looking for more of a challenge then head over to Sils Maria (Corvatsh) or Pontresina (Diavolezza).
  8. 8. • Both feature difficult slopes that you will challenge you all day long. • Intermediate-level skiers should take the one cable-care connection to Piz Corvatsch and ski all the way back to St. Moritz’s lake.
  9. 9. A R O S A • Relatively new to the scene amongst the ski resorts, Arosa is one of the most isolated and quiet vacations spots you’ll find. • If you’re a nature lover then escape here as you head in on the one the road that leads to town. # 3
  10. 10. • Lined with alpine meadows as far as your eye can see, Arosa couldn’t been any more serene.
  11. 11. Z E R M AT T • In the Southwest region of Switzerland, Zermatt is located on a high- altitude plateau. • It's known for its slopes just as much as its party scene with beer- drinking heading into the early hours of the morning. # 4
  12. 12. • Primarily tailored to intermediate skiers, it also feature a difficult course with a drop of (3,280ft) from start to finish.
  13. 13. G S TA A D • Located in Saaneland, Gstaad is a cool option with plenty of action off the slopes as much as there is on them. # 5
  14. 14. • During your downtime, you can attend music festivals, shop till you drop, and people-watch. • You can people watch there for hours or enjoy the view as the sun goes down.
  15. 15. • There’s no doubting that anywhere you ski this winter will bring you joy, but there’s something particularly special about the Swiss slopes that will leave you skiing fearless.
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Jack Ryger, long-time skier, gives a list of recommendations of where to go skiing in Switzerland and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the Alps.


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