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11 Signs Of A Sneaky Sociopath



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Think you can easily spot a sociopath? Think again. Sociopaths aren’t always the stereotypical “serial killer type” you might be thinking of. These individuals come in all shapes and sizes.

Your best friend, significant other, roommate, or family member could be hiding a dark secret. Instant Checkmate compiled the 11 signs of a sneaky sociopath. Ready to learn more? Run a background check on them today at!

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11 Signs Of A Sneaky Sociopath

  2. Sociopaths are experts at presenting themselves as everyday people, so they can be difficult to identify...
  3. … unless you know the signs of a sociopath.
  4. Sociopathy is also known as anAsocial personality disorder.
  5. A sociopathic person will typically have no understanding of right or wrong.
  6. There is no treatment for sociopathy. The disorder can be prevented in children who show early signs...
  7. ...but among adults, the disorder is permanent.
  8. You may know an actual sociopath, though you may not even be aware of it.
  9. So what indicators can we look for?
  10. 1. Superficial Charm: Sociopaths o?en appear to be very charming on the surface in order to manipulate trust.
  11. 2. Narcissism: Sociopaths are extremely egocentric. They believe that everyone should agree with their acAons and opinions.
  12. 3. Pathological Lying: Sociopaths will lie in order to create a false persona. They aim to hide their true moAves.
  13. 4. ManipulaAve And Cunning: Sociopaths aBempt to find and exploit other people’s weaknesses in order to get what they want.
  14. 5. Shallow EmoAons: Sociopaths do not genuinely feel emoAons. Many can fake their emoAons to fool the people around them.
  15. 6. Lack Of Remorse, Shame, Or Guilt: Sociopaths do not feel bad about their acAons, even if they hurt others.
  16. 7. Incapable Of Human AUachment: Sociopaths can’t form genuine relaAonships with others. They may form relaAonships in order to appear normal.
  17. 8. Constant Need For SAmulaAon: Sociopaths may take unnecessary risks that put themselves and others in dangerous situaAons.
  18. 9. Lack Of Empathy: Sociopaths are unable to relate to the perspecAves or problems of other people.
  19. 10. Impulsive Nature: Sociopaths will exhibit hosAlity, irritability, and aggression. They act on their impulses without caring about any potenAal consequences.
  20. 11. Promiscuous Sexual Behavior: Sociopaths are likely to be unfaithful and promiscuous, which is connected to their tendency to get bored easily.
  21. Sociopaths may have problems with drug and alcohol use. They may also have a criminal record related to their behavior.
  22. If you think you’re dating a sociopath, a background check will show you their criminal record.
  23. LEARN THE TRUTH Run a background check today using Instant Checkmate!
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