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Jill Rowley - Social Selling
Jill Rowley - Social Selling
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Jill Rowley - Operationalizing & Scaling Social Selling



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Session Overview
Evolution of communication – Print > Radio > TV > Phone > Email > Web >…..SOCIAL.

Social Selling is all the rage, but most people don’t understand that Social Selling is just old school networking and relationship building, leveraging new school channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

At last year’s Sales Acceleration Summit, Jill Rowley’s session covered the Why, What and How to do Social Selling at an individual Sales Rep level. This year, Jill’s session covers the Why, What and How to operationalize and scale Social Selling for your global sales force. Jill will share how she designed, deployed and drove adoption of Oracle’s global Social Selling program that is enabling 23,000 sales professionals to do Modern Selling the Social Way.

She’ll discuss the required mindset shift, the new skills needed, and review some of the enabling tools to make Social Selling scalable and measurable. Jill will also share some of the areas of risk that must considered when #GoingSocial. No matter where you are on your Social Selling journey, you’ll want to take a pit stop to learn from this Social Selling expert.

Check our her new #SocialSelling company at

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Jill Rowley - Operationalizing & Scaling Social Selling

  1. 1. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley
  2. 2. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley #SocialSelling: How many of your Sales Reps hit quota? Do you want 66% greater quota attainment? Jill Rowley 3/13/13
  3. 3. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley #SocialSelling Royalty Court
  4. 4. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley Four pillars of #SocialSelling framework •• •• 4. ROI $$$ 1. ABCing 2. Sharing Content 3. Social Listening
  5. 5. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley 1. ABCing builds your network and brand Use Social Networks like LinkedIn and Twitter to Find, Listen, Relate, Connect, Engage, and Amplify buyer, buying committee and their sphere of influence. #SociallySurround
  6. 6. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley 2. Sharing content transforms you into a thought leader Content is the Currency of the Modern Sales Professional. Use content to build trust, to be perceived as a subject matter expert, be visible when/where buyers are learning and to improve velocity of deal. #ContentConnoisseur
  7. 7. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley 3. Social listening makes cold calls “warm” Social Listening for Leads (from a Sales Perspective). Will require change to resource allocation. #HelloWarmLeads
  8. 8. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley 4. ROI allows you to measure impact Measure what Matters. Initially, will measure activity. Need to invest in process and tools to measure pipeline and revenue contribution. #ShowMeTheMoney
  9. 9. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley Social Evangelism scales when ROI is proven
  10. 10. #SalesSummit | @jill_rowley Start today! Always Be Connecting