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Lean Startup: Quang Nguyen
Lean Startup: Quang Nguyen
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Lean Startup: Chris Zobrist



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Đề tài Start-up Strategy Lean Startup + YOU của Chris Zobrist trong offline Open Consultant tổ chức ngày 11/03/2012

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Lean Startup: Chris Zobrist

  1. 1. Start-up Strategy Lean Startup + YOU Presentation by Chris Zobrist ( • Overview: Short History • What is Lean Startup? • How can I use Lean Startup?
  2. 2. Customer Development • Steve Blank • Co-Founded 8 Startups • 1996: Started E.piphany (CRM Software) • 1998: $3.4mil sales • 1999: IPO raised $72mil
  3. 3. Customer Development + Agile • Eric Reis (student of Steve Blank at UC Berkeley) • Co-Founded 2 Startups • 2004: Started IMVU (3D Chat Client) • 2009: $20mil sales • 2010: $40mil sales
  4. 4. Based on Lean Manufacturing
  5. 5. Build, Measure, Learn Cycle Learn through Rapid Prototyping and Experiments •Tactics: • Lead Users • Smoke Tests • A/B Tests
  6. 6. Cust Dev + Agile = Lean Startup Both frameworks are very detailed…
  7. 7. For most entrepreneurs, they are TOO detailed… So, how to make it more SIMPLE.. and USEFUL?
  8. 8. Lean Philosophy • Lean = Minimize Waste • Waste = A product that no one will use • Build only products your customers will use How can we build a product our customers will use?
  9. 9. Is Lean Startup right for me? Useful Ideas #1: Minimize Startup Costs
  10. 10. Is Lean Startup right for me? Useful Idea #2: Learn quickly what Customers need
  11. 11. Is Lean Startup right for me? Useful Idea #3: Validate Customer Demand through Experiments and making and testing Prototypes
  12. 12. Lean Startup Philosophy in Use Most Seed Accelerators/Incubators follow Lean Philosophy: •Y Combinator (US) •Tech Stars (US) •Seed Camp (UK) •Startup Sauna (EU) •Startup Chile (Chile) •JFDI (Singapore)
  13. 13. Is Lean Startup right for my Startup? Key Question: •Does your Product involve writing new software? •If not, then the Agile of Lean Startup may not be useful for you.
  14. 14. Customer Development Framework
  15. 15. Step 1 – Customer Discovery Who is your Customer? Identify, Observe, and Interact with your Lead User NO SURVEYS!!! Face- to-face Lead User interaction and observation is REQUIRED
  16. 16. Five Discovery Skills Become a Master Innovator by… 2.Associating 3.Questioning 4.Observing 5.Networking 6.Experimenting
  17. 17. For more on these and other topics: E-mail: Launching July 2012: One-Year Masters of Science in Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (English) in collaboration with: •Designed to train High-Potential Innovators •Learning through real-world Experience •Connections to Industry and Investors Go to