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B2B social media case study: RS Components



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RS Components social media case study. Social media agency FreshNetworks created a B2B social media strategy and online community for Electronic Design Engineers.

B2B social media case study: RS Components

  1. 1. RS Components B2B social media
  2. 2. We're helping RS Components increase the value of their business and gain more credibility in the Electronic Design Engineering (EDE) Community
  3. 3. We’ve helped RS Components build a social media hub called DesignSpark – a global gateway to online resources and design support for engineers.
  4. 4. Although the RS brand and its services are promoted on the site, DesignSpark has been created in different branding to RS Components to increase engagement.
  5. 5. The community has been translated into 4 languages in order to reach markets where design engineers have an established presence.
  6. 6. The community is also home to a tools store which includes DesignSpark PCB, the world’s most fully featured free design tool – downloaded over 60,000 times so far.
  7. 7. DesignSpark is the fastest growing community of its kind with 45,000 members in just 12 months.
  8. 8. DesignSpark is also at the centre of a shareprice upgrade to the RS Components business.
  9. 9. DesignSpark has become part of RS Components wider marketing and PR strategy and advertising campaigns have been rolled out across 40 different publications in Europe. FreshNetworks has helped us develop a social media strategy to broaden our customer base and engage with a new audience demographic. As the hub of all our social media activity, DesignSpark has also been at the centre of an increased share price assessment for the business, helping to prove the value of social media for B2B businesses like RS. Marketing Manager, RS Components
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