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My Summer Holidays



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My Summer Holidays

  1. 1. My Summer Denis Kudrjashov September 2008 Strart
  2. 2. My name is Denis and I will tell you about my summer. Today is the 3rd day of school. It is exciting to be back from a long summer vacation, to a whole new great level of knowledge, the 10th grade. I am happy to see my old friends and make some new ones, too. I hope it is going to be a great year. Next
  3. 3. Next I've just come back from Italy where I had a great holiday. I was with my aunt and uncle who drove all the way to Italy and back to Paris! On the first day we visited Parma, we walked through narrow streets where there were lots of shops and restaurants. We decided to have dinner in one of them and the local food was delicious
  4. 4. Next On the following day we got up early and headed off up Verona. Verona is situated on both sides of the Adige river and has a picturesque Old town with numerous historical buildings. We went window-shopping in the narrow streets which looked like Palma.
  5. 5. Next We also visited the Arena, the most famous sight in Verona. It is one of the largest amphitheatre in the world and one of the best-preserved in Italy. On the top of the arena we had a spendid view over the city. Later in the afternoon, we visited the House of Juliet ( Casa di Giulietta). It is a small building with lots of windows and a balcony which is in a small inner court, where Romeo and Juliet promised each other eternal love. There were a lot of tourists visiting this sight.
  6. 6. Next We had planned to see the Italian lakes in our itinerary so we started with Lake Como which is a beautiful lake surrounded by villages and it is half an hour from Milan. Lake Como is renowed for its exquisite villas and probably the most famous one is " Villa Carlotta" We visited it.
  7. 7. Next After leaving Lake Garda we set off for Major lake ( Lake Maggiore) a large lake extending to Swiss territory and we stopped at Stresa. The Major Lais composed of three islands. Each island has got its own features. The first island I visited was characterized by shops and restaurants, the second island was attractive because there was a variety of flowers.The third island was famous for its castle and the owner of the castle still live there.
  8. 8. Finish I really enjoyed my trip to Italy and I would like to return and visit other parts of this beautiful country.