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The 5 Presentation Design Steps All Presenters Should Know

  1. 1. 5Choose a style. Try this! Stick to a consistent style with the same fonts, color schemes and graphics. F ILTERED PHOTOS: T h e se have grown in popularity th anks to Instagram. FL AT D E SIG N : This m in im al is t s ty l e focuses on color an d s imp l icity. G EOMETRIC DESIGN: It’s like digital origami! These b a sic f orms take on complex shapes. 1 Organize your design. Bal a nce out your sl ide designs. Back-to-ba ck cha r ts and graphs can be over whel mi ng for the audience as the y t r y to ta ke i n a ll the information. 2 Try this! Try this! Try this! Spread out yo u r g raphs, char ts and he av y con te n t slides with simple designs in be twe e n . Researc h s h ow s 40 % of millennial s p re s e n t face-to-face electro n ic co mm u n ication, so consider turning your p re s e ntation into a webinar. Go with the visuals. BIG The bra i n proces ses visual information 60,000 ti mes fa ster than text-based information. Resea rch shows that visuals increase retention by 42% so the bi g ger the visual, the big ger t h e i mpa ct! 3 25% 30% 35% 35%35% 100 200 300 400 500 600 Try this! Replace words with v isua l representations to highlight the main idea of the slid e. Remember your branding. Your compa ny ’s branding may determine the fonts, colors a nd i ma g es you can use. It’s impor tant to follow b ra nd gui deli nes, but it’s also impor tant to consider e xpa ndi ng your brand. 4 A great presentati on design can ele vate your mes sage and leave a lastin g im pac t . These fi ve steps will get you star ted in the ri ght di rection . Discover more presentation design tips on Create ico n s o r illustration s to add to yo ur co llateral. Add motion. Motion design adds a dynamic touch to your presentation and engages your audience. Millennials will make up 47% of the workforce by 2020, so the y will potentially be a large par t of your audience. 5 The Presentation Design Steps All Presenters Should Know FIVE