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IBM Social Business Journey and IBM Verse / cloud collaboration #MWLUG2015



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IBM's transformation into a social business has produced real business outcomes and benefits for our clients. This presentation focuses on the #socbiz results and explores the why and how of IBM moving its own email and social collaboration to the cloud.

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IBM Social Business Journey and IBM Verse / cloud collaboration #MWLUG2015

  1. 1. IBM’s Social Business Journey Focused on outcomes Ed Brill, VP, Social Cloud Deployment and Adoption at IBM  
  2. 2. Defining Social Business A social business is an organization whose culture of participation and systems of engagement encourage networks of people to create business outcomes. – Derived from Andrew Grill/IBM Interactive
  3. 3. IBMers are embracing social on both sides of the firewall
  4. 4. IBMer social participation has increased 18% 40%21% 38% 23% 5% 9% •  95% of IBMers use Connections •  Significant increase in daily usage in 2014 37 25 26 18 28 37 38 36 13 22 19 25 14 9 8 12 Q4 2014* Q2 2014 Q1 2014 Q3 2013 Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Frequency of Use
  5. 5. Employee Engagement Speed & Agility EfficiencyInnovation Improved Client Experience & Growth For the company: For IBMers: Improved Flow Career Progression Sense of Belonging Reputation & Eminence Outcomes of IBM’s Social Business Journey
  6. 6. Social Ambitions Source: IBM Center for Applied Insights Charting the social universe: Social ambitions drive business impact For more info, visit:
  7. 7. Being social does impact business outcomes Our analysis observed a statistically significant correlation between employee engagement and innovation results where optimally engaged employees are 120% more likely to generate measurable innovation and 150% more likely to demonstrate customer advocacy. After employee tenure it was the single most important predictor of innovation, by a long shot, and it was only marginally behind tenure. Basis: Study of Enterprise Graph and Patents & Publications Data Source: Marie Wallace’s blog – All Things Analytics
  8. 8. There is Value in Social Coaching 200 IBM Executives Coached Over Two years •  Coached execs score 60%higher than un- coached executives •  Coached execs have 4x as many network contacts and create 6x as much helpful content •  57% of un-coached executives score below 20, but only 21% of coached execs fall below this level
  9. 9. IBM’s Social Dashboard – Measure Your Eminence
  10. 10. How is social making an impact at IBM?
  11. 11. •  HUB used for project management and communications •  Helps team manage multi-party responses to RFPs •  Collaborated in the HUB to close a multi- million cross-brand deal for IBM •  Improved client relationship and drove revenue