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Event Marketing: How to bridge the content chasm



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Today, 1 in 3 business buyers attend live events, but the way they can discover, collect and share content is stuck in the past. So how can event marketers bridge the content chasm at events and make content marketing part of the exhibition experience?

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Event Marketing: How to bridge the content chasm

  1. 1. Event Marketing: How to bridge the Content Chasm
  2. 2. Source: Buyersphere report, BaseOne
  3. 3. Events are the single most influential source on the path to purchase
  4. 4. It’s no surprise events are BIG BUSINESS
  5. 5. of the average marketing budget is spent on events *that’s more than any other tactic. th* 1 5/ Source: The state of b2b event marketing, Marketo
  6. 6. But are they really working?
  7. 7. When only 8% of event marketers say their company has cracked We say, probably not. Developing relationships Closing deals Acquiring customer insight
  8. 8. The thing is most delegates aren’t ready for the hard sell
  9. 9. LEARN GATHER INFO MAKE NEW CONTACTS Hi Hello They’re there to
  10. 10. So when the sales guys on your stand say that’s why many run a mile. Hello
  11. 11. And in this age, where CONTENT IS KING
  12. 12. Is this the best we can do...?
  13. 13. Especially when most of it ends up here and here and here
  14. 14. Alarmingly, 82% of delegates don’t fully engage with event content. Source: Mediamaker
  15. 15. Welcome to the content chasm Welcome to the CONTENT CHASM
  16. 16. So this got us thinking...
  17. 17. What if there was a way to make events BETTER MORE PRODUCTIVE ENGAGING for everyone?
  18. 18. Taking advantage of this Content
  19. 19. and this Mobile Content
  20. 20. and this Mobile SocialContent
  21. 21. So when a delegate visits your event stand, they’re alerted to your content (without even having to speak to anyone)
  22. 22. They get to choose and collect the content they like PICKME PICKME PICKME
  23. 23. On their mobile device (there and then) or on the web, later. Convenient, huh?
  24. 24. And if they really like it, they can spread the word.
  25. 25. It’s made possible by something called a beacon. You could call it micro location targeting. We call it pretty clever stuff.
  26. 26. What’s even more clever. You, as an event exhibitor or organiser, get to know who has collected your content. Essentially, the who, the what, the when (and even whether it was shared).
  27. 27. So everyone wins.
  28. 28. | @event_wallet | | 07786223669 Introducing Request a demo