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Webinar: Social Listening Best Practices from 3 Leading Brands



eMarketer moderates a special presentation with social analytics experts from NetBase as they share case studies of prominent industry leaders, highlighting metrics that deliver on brand measurement, customer journey analysis, campaign optimization, influencer marketing, social care and much more.

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Webinar: Social Listening Best Practices from 3 Leading Brands

  1. 1. #netbasewebinar Social Analytics Best Practices: Insights from Industry-Leading Brands TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  2. 2. #netbasewebinar NetBase Industry Reports Our reports look at the top brands in several industries Recent Reports Include • Luxury Brands • Social Media Market Survey: Europe • German Beauty Industry Outlook • Industry Best Practice Guides TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  3. 3. #netbasewebinar Methodology We look at the top brands in several industries and compare them across a number of high level metrics: • Volume – measuring the # of earned and owned mentions • Passion Intensity – indicating how strong consumers feel on a scale of 0-100 • Net Sentiment – the overall direction of how consumers feel on scale of -100 to +100 • Brand Passion Index (BPI) – a brand’s net sentiment to passion ratio Net Sentiment83 Passion Intensity74 TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  4. 4. #netbasewebinar Overview: Building a holistic view of the customer feedback Breadth of data to solve more business problems Converged Media Analysis: Owned, Earned, Partnered Geo Fencing/Location Listening Cross-Channel Engagement Internal Customer Data (CRM, Surveys, Reviews) Image & Logo Analysis TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  5. 5. Love my new iPhone. I’m using the iTunes app to stream the new Taylor Swift Album. Thanks apple! #itunes Gender Influence Sentiment Source Location EMOTIONS/EMOJIS BEHAVIORS ATTRIBUTES PEOPLE BRANDS/TERMS/THINGS HASHTAGS Interests Profession Age Ethnicity Bio Text
  6. 6. #netbasewebinar BEST PRACTICES: • Optimizing Influencer Marketing • Enhancing Content w/ Social Segmentation • Tracking Brand Equity for Real-Time Feedback TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  7. 7. #netbasewebinar Campaign Effectiveness: Maximize Influencer Spend & Engagement Influencer Effectiveness • What is an influencer? • How do I balance influencer reach and engagement? TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  8. 8. #netbasewebinar Situation: Zara has grown rapidly and beyond reach, needs niche engagement TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  9. 9. #netbasewebinar Zara’s community is strong – and there is opportunity for growth Zara Channels Jan 2017 thru Dec 2017 Overall engagement is high But that is mostly driven by reach rather than connection TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  10. 10. #netbasewebinar Best Practice: Rank influencers by relative engagement Zara Influencer Channels Jan 2017 thru Dec 2017 TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  11. 11. #netbasewebinar Most popular posts show the strategy is working – and cost effective The top three posts by engagement are with the largest influencers…. …. but the next 4 are all from the smaller influencers who drive higher engagement Zara Most Popular Posts TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  12. 12. #netbasewebinar Customer Experience: Personalizing content for longer lasting impact Content Ideation • Which products are most successful and why? • How do I tweak my approach for better results? TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  13. 13. #netbasewebinar Situation: Global rebranding focused on customer needs instead of products TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  14. 14. #netbasewebinar Custom audience based on shared attributes Leverage data to create custom audiences relevant to your brand or campaign.1 Full universe of Twitter users Effective content starts from the outside in: Identifying Executives TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  15. 15. #netbasewebinar Effective content starts from the outside in: Tailoring Content Surface the attributes that make the audience unique, including demographics, interests, behaviors & emotions.2 Loved Brands Top Interests Shopping Tennis Travel Painting Jewelry 5.2x 5.2x 5.2x 5.2x 5.2x Top Markets Over-Indexed Audience Attributes TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  16. 16. #netbasewebinar And then narrow to the areas of interest Executive Conversation Work & Occupations Executives Conversation Future/Hopes + Investment TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  17. 17. #netbasewebinar In the case of UBS, the results speak for themselves UBS – Most Engaging Posts Jan thru Dec 2017 TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  18. 18. #netbasewebinar Brand Health: Building and Optimizing Brand Equity Tracking Brand Equity • How do I know if my marketing strategies are effective? • Where am I winning/losing versus competitors? TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  19. 19. #netbasewebinar Situation: Per Forbes, Louis Vuitton is the world's most valuable luxury brand Competition within the space is fierce, both from direct competitors and niche challengers How can LV use social to track brand equity – balancing awareness/ reach with quality? TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  20. 20. #netbasewebinar Framing the analysis: Competitive Metrics Luxury Competitive Share 2017 Annual Analysis Total share and sentiment are a starting point…. But luxury brands are driven by brand passion – not all conversation is created equal TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  21. 21. #netbasewebinar Brand Equity in fashion and luxury means avoiding brand deterioration Discount Conversation As Share of Brand For luxury, discounts and promotions mean erosion Example: Coach has seen sales decline $200M over the last two years TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  22. 22. #netbasewebinar Brand Equity is also more than net sentiment, how strong is that sentiment? Sentiment Conversation by Type As Share of Brand Digging deeper we can analyze passion & relative share of positive/negative volume These numbers tell a different story on who is winning in luxury TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  23. 23. #netbasewebinar Measuring Brand Equity over time means a combination of metrics Brand Passion Index Identify priorities and combine metrics to measure over time – even applying custom weighting to brand attributes Volume X Sentiment X Passion TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  24. 24. #netbasewebinar Key Takeaways Accurately Measure “Influence”: Consider campaign goals and measure influence accordingly – reach, engagement, or depth Look from the Outside-in: Particularly when focusing on personalization, B2B and low volume brands Beyond top-level sentiment, identify themes that correlate to brand strength. Remember - social may not always be the inspiration point, but is a great real-time measurement tool TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  25. 25. #netbasewebinar Q&A Session Up to 9x faster, so you are first to know Scott Cohen VP of Customer Success, NetBase Elvis Lieban Director of Social Insights, NetBase Ezra Palmer Editor and Publisher, eMarketer Media Properties TECH-TALK TUESDAY
  26. 26. Thank you Download the reports: Contact us: