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Beyond UX multiscreen  (ES)
Beyond UX multiscreen (ES)
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2.2. Package // Providing experience Case Study: Mastering digital disruption in retail



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2.2. Package // Providing experience is becoming the norm
Competitors are ‘unbundling’ or ‘rebundling’ their
supply. New players are attacking traditional
retailers and we see a tendency towards
There is an immense long tail in retail due to the
widespread digitization.
We see that people want more personalized
products and that ‘buying’ in general has become an
Speed is elementary: not only did it become a
differentiator but it raised the overall expectation of
consumers. We just want things here & now.
Price is still a big differentiator, offline and online.
We see that disruptors also bet big on (self)-service.
At last, traditional players lack the scalability that
new players do have.

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