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1. Schoenen Torfs “Substance, approach Case Study: Mastering digital disruption in retail



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1. Schoenen Torfs
“Substance, approach and especially style made Jo Caudron
and his team the perfect fit for this project with us.”
- Barbara Torfs, 

Director of Marketing & Communication Torfs
Torfs is a a Belgian retailer in shoes. The
organization has more than 70 stores in Belgium.
The company originates from the end of World War
II. After a period of selling shoes on 

the marketplace in Mechelen, founder Karel Torfs
decided to start Schoenen Torfs in 1948 and opened
four stores together with his wife. The company went
from father to son and in 1986, Wouter Torfs (son of
the third generation) came in play.
Under his charge the family company grew out to
become an established retailer in Belgium, best
known for its family values and motivated
employees. Therefore, Torfs has been elected Best
Employer & Best Workplace in Belgium several

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