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What’s your move? The time Case Study: Mastering digital disruption in retail



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What’s your move?
The time is now…
Digital and online services are evolving at an unseen
speed. After 20 years of online activity, digital
technologies have fundamentally changed the way we
live, work and play. And this is merely the beginning. All
of these evolutions have a huge impact on our lives.
And on the way we do business. Digital is disruptive.
Unfortunately several industries and companies didn’t
anticipate the digital transformation and “lost the
game” along the way. Most companies lack a solid plan
of ‘defense’ to cope with the digital transformation. And
we’re running out of time.
In order to stay ahead of the new players and to keep
up with the transformations in the market, traditional
businesses need to get prepared in a structural way.
We have reached a stage where ‘digital’ and ‘online’ are
no longer a gimmick at the sidelines of the business
activities. Digital is actually transforming the very
essence of business. It moved from the sidelines to the
core, from online tactics to business strategy.
Because disruption is happening so fast, we believe
that the time is now for organizations to transform their
businesses for the digital age. 

What’s your move?
“Everyone has a plan, until they get a smack in the face.” - Mike Tyson

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