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3.3. The future of Torfs Case Study: Mastering digital disruption in retail



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3.3. The future of Torfs
Looking at the trends, learns us that Torfs already has
built up some strengths over the years. The
organization has always been doing well in terms of
being transparent, accountable and a human company.

Combining these elements of The Glass House with
offering a great service, results in a strong network and
a good relationship with the customers.
Despite these upsides, we’ve found that Torfs is still
facing numerous challenges to compete with new,
digital (and disruptive) players in retail such as Zalando. 

The company will need to take relatively big steps,
however we see that Torfs will be able to make the leap
forward and transform successfully towards a hybrid
company where digital innovations and traditional
values meet each other halfway. 
Offering digital experience & the traditional values
in the offline world and a top-notch user
experience in the online webshop is the way to go
for Schoenen Torfs.

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