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How and When to Raise How to Build an Excellent Web or Mobile App



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How and When to Raise Money
• Incubators are a great place to start
– Great exposure to network of people that can help you get started and
• Build a great advisory team
– Find people who have successfully done what you’re trying to do. This
could be in the same space you’re in or just someone who is very good
at fund raising, tech scaling, organic growth, etc
– They will lead you to great investors (or may become great investors)
• Angel List (
– Get referred in by another startup or an angel
– Build an excellent profile (screenshots, team, press hits, advisory
– Keep it private until you’re ready to raise
– Ideal for seed1 ($50-150k) & seed2 ($250-1mm+)
– Don’t use AL too early or too late in your life cycle
• Crowd-funding
– Indie-gogo, Kickstarter

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