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Understand the Desire Engine • How to Build an Excellent Web or Mobile App



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Understand the Desire Engine
• Trigger
– Internal : app asks the user a highly targeted question that they must
enter the app to answer
– External: user sees the app posted on a friend’s timeline and user must
install that app to see what the friend is doing
• Action: what your app is trying to get people to do
– Take a picture, answer a question, follow me, etc
• Variable Reward:
– This is the emotional payoff of the product - we design this to maximize
dopamine release in order to make the product habit-forming.
– Stick to the 7 sins for success here : Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath,
Envy, Pride
• Commitment
– After delighting the user, get some info from her that will make her next
run through the loop more fun
• Reminders
– Stale users are useless. We must keep them coming back for more.
– Use email / SMS / iOS reminders
– Keep it relevant!

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