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How 3D Printing Will Change Everything



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A talk from the conference:

You may have heard about recent reports and the debates on gun parts that are printed on a "3D printer". You may have heard about the RepRaps - the home built replicating 3D printers. You may have heard of NASAs plans to send a 3D Printer up to the moon to print out a moon base out of moon dust. You may argue, that this is old trick, since the ability to print out objects made of plastic and other materials have been around for more then a decade. Yet behold. I will prove to you that 3D printing will change absolutely everything. And with that change, a revolution will come, as we (our laws, our welfare systems, our society) are caught unprepared. (As a politician and a geek I will concentrate on the cool stuff, and not tune into the doomsday prophecies chants)

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How 3D Printing Will Change Everything

  1. How 3D Printing Will Change Everything Gregory Engels, Republikafest, Rijeka 2013-06-20
  2. RepRap
  3. Industrial 3d Printer
  4. 3D Copy Machine Source: 3D FreeSculpt
  5. 3D Silver Source: Shapeways
  6. 3d Chocolate
  7. 3D CANDY Source: Candyfab
  8. 3d Printed Dress
  9. Source: NikeiD
  10. “3D Printing” Source: New Balance
  11. 3d Printed Car Source: URBEE
  12. Multi Material
  13. Medical
  14. Printed Battery
  15. Nanoscribe
  16. Landscape House Source: universearchitecture.
  17. D-Shape Printer
  18. Spiderbot
  19. It’s a race
  21. “Silk”
  22. the Moon
  23. Gun Source: Defense Distributed
  24. DOn’t Do this at home
  25. Local Print Shop
  26. Society
  27. Copyright
  28. Tax System
  29. Basic Income
  30. Trade Systems
  31. Gregory Engels • Co-Chairman of Pirate Party International • City Counsilor in Offenbach (DE) • IT-Entrepreneur • Geek Source: Spiegel
  32. ONE MORE THING Go and SIGN: tempora
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