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Community Management vs Social Media Management - Whats The Difference?



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The 'Social Media Manager' and the 'Community Manager' are distinct positions within an organisation, titles which are often used interchangeably with no real understanding to the individual roles and responsibilities of each. Yes there are over-lapping duties however it is a common misconception that there are more similarities than there are differences.

In this Social Media Week session we will look to uncover and explain these differences - what does community infer as opposed to social media, how does this relate to your respective audiences, how do these align with your business objectives and what the tools available in ones armoury to drive towards these objectives. Social strategy, content production and distribution, customer engagement, community development, analytics and ROI - who is best suited to deliver these?

During the hour we'll take a look at:
- A brief history of the community manager and social media manager
- The responsibilities of each role
- The different types of business outcomes
- What to look for when hiring

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Community Management vs Social Media Management - Whats The Difference?

  1. Community Manager vs. Social Media Manager What‘s The Difference? #SMWCMGR
  2. Dan Spicer Community Lead, EMEA, Hootsuite @DanSpicer
  3. Agenda • Community vs. Social Media • Roles and Responsibilities • Platforms and Tools • Goals and KPIs • Recruitment / Role Skills
  4. ‘Community’ A social unit of any size that shares common values, behaviours and artifacts. *wikipedia
  5. ‘Social Media’ The social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. *wikipedia
  6. ObjeScotiv we Sheytt inagr e we having this conversation? 50% Growth in ‘Social Media Manager’ roles slowed in the last year 13x as many jobs that involve the use of social media
  7. Who do we need? Social Media Manager Community ? Manager
  8. ObjeScotiv, ew Shetatint’gs The Difference…. RESPONSIBILITIES? TOOLS? KPIS?
  9. Community Management Responsibilities
  10. Community Management Responsibilities Relationships Building relationships with key members of the community, nurturing customers and developing engagement strategies Being an internal advocate for the customer. Making the brand personal and accessible to customers Enforcing guidelines, policies and governance + managing public and private platforms Delivering insights about your customer and reporting on the successes of the community Advocacy Personable Moderation Insights
  11. Obj1ect ive Setting
  12. ObjeMctoived Seertatintge Moderation 2
  13. Moderation 2
  14. Insights 3 and Internal Advocacy
  15. Brand Ambassadors
  16. Brand Ambassadors 200+ Hootups in 62 countries 600+ Ambassadors in 29 countries Supporting initiatives in 15+ languages
  17. ObjeScotivcei aSle tMtineg dia Management Responsibilities
  18. ObjeScotivcei aSle tMtineg dia Management Responsibilities Strategy Alignment of social media strategies throughout different departments within the company Assessing the effectiveness of social media activities Taking social data and turning it into actionable data Curating and creating content for social platforms taking into consideration platform nuisances Maintaining the security of social media accounts Results Data Content Security
  19. How can social media help you accomplish business goals? 1
  20. What’s being said about your brand? Who is saying it? Where are they saying it? 2
  21. Curating 3 and creating content
  22. 85% of consumers say they will change their shopping behavior in response to social media content
  23. Platforms and Tools – Community Management COMMUNITY MANAGER Platforms • Lithim, GetSatisfaction • Vbulletin • Dropal, Joomla • Yammer, Jive • Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ • Social CRM • Forums • Message Boards • Enterprise Social Platforms • Social networks • Custom Developed Examples Considerations: - Features and functionality i.e. grouping, private messaging, - Game dynamics i.e. categorisation, badging, rewards etc. - Responsive platform? Mobile functionality.
  24. Platforms and Tools – Social Media Management SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Platforms • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn • Youtube, Vimeo • Medium, Tumblr, Blogger • Quora, Yahoo Answers • Wikipedia • Social Networks • Video Networks • Blogs / Microblogs • Q&A Platforms • Wikis Examples Considerations?
  25. What Do They Measure
  26. Community Goals and KPIs 80% It costs 80% less to retain a customer than acquire one 95% Increasing retention rate by 5% can increase profiles by 95% over long-term* *Harvard Business Study ** MSI Study 25% Increased engagement on community sites can result in 25% increase in revenue**
  27. Key Performance Indicators: § Engagement (hard metrics) § # of relationships (size of community) § # of sign ups § # of active members vs. lurkers § Customer retention / churn rates Community Goals and KPIs Pre During Post
  28. Social Media Goals and KPIs of businesses will Lose market position 1/4 *Gartner Predicts 2014: Seizing the Digital Business Advantage, by Jorge Lopez, Diane Morello, Stephen Prentice, and Rand Leeb-du Toit, December 11, 2013.
  29. Key Performance Indicators: § Engagement (likes, comments, RTs, shares) § Audience size and growth § Click-throughs § Conversions (direct and assisted) § Share of Voice / # of mentions § % Reduced costs Social Media Goals and KPIs Owned Earned Shared
  30. So What About Hiring For The Position?
  31. ObjeTchtivee CSeottmingm unity Manager Skills • Communication • Align with brand personality & culture • Understanding of human behaviour and motivations • Relationship building • Conflict resolution • Project management • Technical Attributes • People person • Empathy • Self-awareness • Adaptability • Good judgment • Ethusiam
  32. ObjeTchtivee SSeottciniag l Media Manager Skills • Communication • Listening • Creativity • Statistical analysis • Public speaking • Comfort with technology • Understanding of social convergence – owned, paid, earned Attributes • Passion • Resourcefulness • Conversational • Operates with a sense of urgency • Seeks Input • A Thick Skin
  33. Thank You! Dan Spicer, EMEA Community Lead, Hootsuite @DanSpicer @Hootsuite_UK