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How to Imagineer Your Content Strategy like Disney



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Walt Disney "imagineered" great story and strategy for Disney - what tips for content strategy can you learn from him?

How to Imagineer Your Content Strategy like Disney

  1. 1. How to Imagineer Your Content Strategy Like
  2. 2. • One of the most effective ways to create a content strategy is to forget about marketing and focus on storytelling instead! • If storytelling is the secret to effective content, then who better to inspire your brand than legendary storytelling master Walt Disney?
  3. 3. Principles of Disney’s Success • Part of what made Walt Disney so legendary was his ability to: • Capture the attention of audiences all ages • Imagineer compelling stories that kept audiences wanting more • Relate to all demographics
  4. 4. How did he do this? Walt Disney consistently employed the following tactics in his writing: • A story needs a theme • A great hero needs a great villain • Don’t build it for yourself
  5. 5. A Story Needs a Theme • Disney used entertainment as a vehicle to showcase a theme. Likewise, a hodgepodge of posts is ineffective. Using an editorial calendar allows you to plot out how you define your brand and reach consumers. • The more specific you become in planning, the better you can target your audience.
  6. 6. A Great Hero Needs a Great Villain • Part of what makes Disney’s stories so compelling is how strong the characters are. Likewise, define problems that consumers are having (the villain) so greatly that when you introduce your brand as a solution, customers have no choice but to turn to you! Don’t just showcase your brand – define the problems you can fix!
  7. 7. Don’t Build it for Yourself • Disney specifically built stories for his audiences. Are you building content and a social media strategy for yours?
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