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Be a Digital Trailblazer When Building Your Brand

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What does it mean to be a Digital Trailblazer? And why is it so important to build your own personal brand?

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Be a Digital Trailblazer When Building Your Brand

  1. Be a Digital Trailblazer When Building Your Brand Carrie Kerpen CEO of Likeable Media @CarrieKerpen
  2. Personal Brands have been around a long time...
  3. “ Online Personal Branding became a “thing” around 1997. Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importanceofbranding.WeareCEOsofour own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. - Tom Peters “ “
  4. Why worry about your personal brand? Here are 5 Reasons:
  5. Reason 1: Your job may not be forever.
  6. Reason 2: You’re being googled as you speak.
  7. Reason 3: The “lifer” career is dead. Today, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 11 job changes) during his or her career, which means a good amount of time is spent changing employment.
  8. Reason 4: You’re only as good as your last update.
  9. Reason 5: Shape the conversation about you.
  10. What do we think about when I say “get your personal brand in order”? (don’t forget about or )
  11. But the opportunity is much greater than that.
  12. You can be a Digital Trailblazer
  13. Because today’s basics are tomorrow’s bygones. Be BOLD. Why go beyond the basics?
  14. When thinking about your personal brand...
  15. - What Makes Me Great? - What Makes Me Unique? - What Makes Me Compelling? Ask yourself...
  16. • 140 Character Stories • Visual Stories • Video Stories Then think about how to tell that story succinctly.
  17. And don’t forget to be a part of the community.
  19. Jennifer Weiner @jenniferweiner
  20. Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff
  21. Danni & Jo @dannijo
  22. Tyra Banks Tyra Banks on Vine
  23. Aliza Licht
  24. Peg Fitzpatrick +PegFitzpatrick
  25. Sallie Krawcheck Sallie Krawcheck on LinkedIn
  26. Network Uses PERSONAL NETWORKING PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE FIND WHAT YOU LOVE SEARCH VISUAL 6 SECONDS Ideas Choose profile picture and timeline wisely. Watch privacy settings. Use the new content features to establish thought leadership. Capture your essence and behind the scenes of your world. Engage and Listen and share from other networks. Use Repins as a public vision board of who you are. Own the conversation. Make this network comprehensive. Showcase Your Fun and use for twitter content.
  27. - What makes you different? - How might you showcase this in 140 characters? - In a 6 second video? Workshop:
  28. Levo League 85 Broads Resources for Digital Trailblazers:
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What does it mean to be a Digital Trailblazer? And why is it so important to build your own personal brand?


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