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Voerman International
Move managers with a personal touch
Move to a new destination
full of confidence?
Of course!
Relocating your staff has to be done carefully. It takes a lot of...
Servant Leadership
Voerman International bases its activities on the principle of
‘Servant Leadership’. Leaders are most e...

customer focus                                                                     attention to detail

Experts in expat management
Voerman International would like to be an extension of your Human Resources department. Becaus...
Extensive help on arrival
                                                Voerman International can also help to find a su...
The UTS Voerman Group
                            Move managers
                            Voerman International has doze...
Headoffice Voerman International
                                                The Hague, The Netherlands

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Voerman Relocations
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Relocation Information

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Relocation Information

  1. 1. Voerman International Move managers with a personal touch
  2. 2. Move to a new destination full of confidence? Of course! Relocating your staff has to be done carefully. It takes a lot of time and effort. The right decisions will bring efficiency and keep you on schedule. The result is a successful investment in expat management, for your employees and your organization. Voerman International can offer you the certainty of success. We are move managers with an extensive package of services: from expat policy to online information systems and specific management reports; from the initial concept right through to settling the employee in the new country. You will be given an effective solution: a tailor-made package linked to relocation services, cost control and management information, carefully geared to your expat policy. Your employee will be given our full attention, guidance and service. A relocation coordinator will arrange all the time-consuming matters, before during and after the transfer. The overriding aim is that your employees settle quickly and easily in the new country so that they can concentrate fully on their work again. Voerman International makes this possible. We carry out more than 5000 international relocations a year, about 100 a week! Worldwide, for any company. The basic ingredients are close cooperation with your organization, innovation in relocation, the service that goes with it and professional our well-trained staff: careful, thorough, enthusiastic, professional, with your requirements and wishes in mind. They are supported in this by the UTS Voerman Group and various international networks. International relocation – a success with Voerman International • Extensive package of services, always tailor-made • More than 100 years’ experience in international moves and expat services • Over 5000 international moves a year, around 100 a week • Combination of physical moves and relocation services • Transparent expat policy costs • Made-to-measure management information (online) • Partner/shareholder in such worldwide networks as UTS, ERC, OMNI and FIDI • FIDI FAIM ISO certification • 24/7 service
  3. 3. Servant Leadership Voerman International bases its activities on the principle of ‘Servant Leadership’. Leaders are most effective when they serve others. Voerman International focuses on care, attention and respect: for its staff, suppliers, customers and our environment. We aim for sustainability and continuity. reliable thorough
  4. 4. innovative customer focus attention to detail Your immediate return – efficiency Controlling your expat costs is an extremely important point. Our staff can chart your total expat policy spending. We can also help you to decide where you can achieve efficiency benefits: transit times, hotel costs, unproductive hours, allowances for expats or import duties. Besides this, it is possible to analyze the total cost of expat management, or of parts of it: the choice is yours!
  5. 5. Experts in expat management Voerman International would like to be an extension of your Human Resources department. Because we are flexible and decisive we also specialize in services related to transfers. We can offer complete relocation packages for both individual expats and for groups through Eurohome Relocation Services (ERS). We can even take expat support entirely out of your hands, while you retain your involvement in performing the service. We use the Voerman Management System (VMS) for this: a web portal based on security codes enabling your staff to access real-time information stored in a central database via internet. You can find out the status of projects and activities, where goods are and which measures have to be taken at any time, simply and transparently. The Voerman Management System (VMS) can produce any reports you require – claim ratio, total cost of spending and/or quality reports – drawn up in collaboration with your organization. We aim for tailor-made solutions: reports when you need them, with the information you require. Reports to meet your every wish. Expat services from A to Z • De-location services • Relocation services: - Finding a house - Tenancy (housing management) - A preview trip - Finding a suitable school - Expense management - Cultural training - Temporary accommodation - Hiring furniture • Storage • Aftercare • Reports Always up-to-date – track and trace system You can use our internet-based track and trace system to continually keep track of the status of the move, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re interested in how the assessment was made or the location of the shipment, it removes much uncertainty. The system is continually provided with the most up-to-date information thanks to our international network.
  6. 6. Extensive help on arrival Voerman International can also help to find a suitable home, the right school for the children or arrange the necessary immigration papers at the destination. We can also help your employee to settle in by taking him and his family on a tour of the area. They can call our 24-hour helpdesk with any questions they have while abroad: a comforting thought. Continuous service with a human face The people at Voerman International will give your staff all the support they need. Moving to another country is a major undertaking that needs to be arranged down to the smallest detail. Your employee will have a single permanent contact, the relocation coordinator. He will steer everything in the right direction; nothing will be left to chance. We will provide your employee with thorough information about the international transfer during an intake visit at his home. We will discuss all the matters that have to be organized as well as give advice on the possibilities, costs, risks and necessary preparations concerning the employee’s car. We will also provide expert advice on risk cover. A necessity for international moves, especially since many parties are involved, all of whom have their own international liability clauses. Voerman International has developed a special package to help children to get used to the idea of moving and to tell them something about the place they are going to. We know which documents and vaccinations are required. Whatever happens, children will be well prepared for the trip. The paperwork involved in international moves can be pretty complicated. The relocation coordinator will ensure that the whole documentation process runs smoothly and the risk of delays is reduced considerably. Belongings often have to be put into storage for an extended period. We can arrange this too, in ultramodern container warehouses that meet the latest legal standards. We have facilities throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Everything will be stored with the utmost care: one less thing to worry about.
  7. 7. The UTS Voerman Group Move managers Voerman International has dozens of branches in the Netherlands and in most countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We are part of the UTS Voerman Group, which offers a complete package of services to deal with national and international moves, relocation, business relocation, storage and archive services. As a member of leading international networks Voerman International can guarantee that the most complete and complex moving services will be handled correctly. It goes without saying that we meet all stringent international quality standards. We expect our partners and the agents we work with to do the same. Networks guarantee quality Through its membership of such national and international organizations as OMNI and FIDI, Voerman International has access to an extensive network of national and international agents. This enables us to be of service all over the world and to guarantee that our service will always be of the same high standard. By participating intensively in the various networks, we are able to keep our knowledge at the highest possible level, to serve you and your colleagues!
  8. 8. Headoffice Voerman International The Hague, The Netherlands Find out more If you would like more information about international moves, please visit our website or contact our Sales department: +420 (0)272 700 651. We will be glad to be of service! Voerman UTS Prague Spol S.R.O. Obchoní 132 252 43 Pruhonice – Cestlice Czech Republic Telephone +420 (0)272 700 651 Telefax +420 (0)272 700 653 E-mail Working out an expat policy. Looking objectively at your current policy. Talk to Voerman International. We want to be your partner, pro-actively. Seeing the opportunities for your business. Coming up with new ideas. It works.
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